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$1.49 OVER SPOT | RCM 1000 oz. SILVER BARS

Miles Franklin, Proven and Probable
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What are the Benefits of buying Brand New RCM 1000 oz Silver Bars?

  • Royal Canadian Mint Bars are Brand New, never owned before. Unlike Comex Silver Bars that are previously owned and commonly found in almost 99% of all 1000oz silver Bar Programs. Know what you are buying with a trusted name and a brand-new product.
  • RCM Silver bars range from 900 – 990+ ounces each, exact weights available
  • The Royal Canadian Mint is known for their purity & expertise in providing a high-quality product
  • Miles Franklin has immediate availability of 1000 oz. Royal Canadian Mint silver bars
  • Royal Canadian Mint Bars include Insured Shipping to Brink’s Vaults
  • Royal Canadian Mint Bars can be stored at either Brink’s Toronto or Brink’s New York JFK

Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage Details:

  • Bars are exclusively your private property. They are not registered with any commodity exchange
  • 1000oz. Silver bars offer the most competitive and lowest pricing and premiums possible
  • Rates start at $490 per year per $100,000 in value, billed quarterly
  • 3 Bar Minimum for initial account set up, 1 Bar per order there-after to qualify for this rate
  • Bars with Miles Franklin are fully segregated and never commingled
  • Extremely Liquid, bars may be sold back to Miles Franklin at any time
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Whoa! Joining us for an action packed interview is the legendary Bob Moriarty the founder of, as we will cover a lot of ground in this interview! Topics ranging from Market Conditions, Bitcoin, the Colorado River, Junior Mining Companies, and Precious Metals. This is an absolute must watch!

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Exclusive Interviews Miles Franklin Precious Metals

How to Buy Precious Metals

You are about to discover the best video on how to buy precious metals.

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In this interview, I share the 3 groups of precious metals investors, their habits, and results. 1 of the 3 groups has results that are unmatched compared to the other 2. This is an absolute must watch before you invest in precious metals. Is silver investment the best move for you? Which type of precious metals investor are you?

Concerned about the effects of inflation? Want to learn about some of the biggest silver stacking mistakes? Are you interested in owning gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and or rhodium; and how to spot a buying opportunity and sell precious metals like the pro’s? At Miles Franklin we offer all of the above physical delivery directly to you, along with Precious Metals IRA’s, storage with BRINKS. To place an order: 855.505.1900 or email:

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