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Investing In Precious Metals

Precious metals present an attractive opportunity to diversify your portfolio and hedge your securities holdings. Gold, silver, and platinum comprise the lion’s share of precious metal investments. Yet, they each have different properties and varied value propositions, which is why it’s so important to have the most comprehensive and objective analysis in making you next precious metals purchase.

Investing In Gold

Gold is by far the most traded metal in the basket. Some of its industrial value comes from its durability (resistance to rust or corrosion), malleability (capacity to be reshaped), and conductive nature (capacity to conduct electricity and heat). Gold’s value is also evidenced in jewelry around the world. Most of its value, however, comes from its use as currency.

As an investment, gold is less affected by supply and demand as it is by trader sentiment. Factors that contribute to a run on gold include war, political crises, inflation, and economic uncertainty. Proven and Probable considers these factors and more to help you make timely decisions about your gold interests.

Investing In Silver

Silver can be a less expensive alternative to gold. It has similar properties to gold, so it’s not surprising that some of its value also comes from industrial use. Telecommunication, medical treatments, and energy technologies all benefit from silver’s capabilities. What sets it apart from gold is its trading and physical scarcity. The silver market is much smaller than gold, and there is currently less silver available from mining than its gold counterpart.

Industrial demand, trading volume, and the metal’s scarcity can lead to more volatile price fluctuations in the silver market than you may experience with gold. Proven and Probable provides insights on the latest developments in the silver market to help you navigate that volatility with success.

Investing In Platinum

The market for platinum is smaller than that of gold and silver. Like those metals, platinum has industrial value; however, its value is more concentrated. The majority of platinum demand comes from the automotive industry because of its use in catalytic converters. Jewelry is the next highest use, followed by applications in chemical or petroleum refining and computer hardware. Platinum can be an attractive investment during periods of economic and political stability due to its physical scarcity. Yet, volatility is a factor in this market as well, and making strategic investment decisions can be challenging. That’s where Proven and Probable can help.

Precious Metal Expertise To Help You Succeed

As an independent licensed broker for Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments, Proven and Probable helps you buy precious metals online and keep current with each market. When you buy metal online with our assistance, we’ll connect you with trusted bullion dealer in the world, Miles Franklin. We are proud to be aligned with Miles Franklin as they have a proven track record of over 30 years, including over 5 billion in sales, with never having a single customer complaint. We offer physical delivery, offshore storage accounts, self-directed precious metals IRA’s, and private blockchain distributed ledger accounts. Not only do we offer a number of options to own precious metals we provide a number of industry-leading precious metals analyses, news, insights, and signals to help determine whether your portfolio is weighted appropriately.

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