Investing in graphite

Graphite Investing

Graphite is a form of the element carbon. It’s used to make lubricants, automobile brake parts, and pencils, plays a vital role in battery metals. Graphite is a conductor of electricity and heat, so the material is also widely used in making batteries, solar panels, and mobile phones. In addition, graphite is used in steel production. Its industrial application is therefore diverse, and is expected to grow through the accelerating global demand for lithium-ion batteries.

While synthetic graphite can be made from coal, there has been interest in the so-called ‘super mineral’ graphene, which is derived from graphite. This, too, could lead to increased demand in graphite mining.

Graphite mining is performed with either open pit or shaft mining.

Investing In Graphite

While demand in graphite – and more specifically, graphene – is anticipated to grow, it can be difficult to select the best graphite mining companies to add to your portfolio. Staying on top of producers as global demand rises is key to a rewarding return. This is where Proven and Probable can help.

We track the world’s most active graphite producers, examining production levels, site visits, management, operations, and more. Although graphite investing can be challenging, we help reduce speculation risk with our latest insights from around the world.

Graphite Investing Expertise

Proven and Probable is here to help make sense of investing in graphite. Our expertise is acknowledged worldwide by industry professionals and speculators alike. The Proven and Probable subscription-based investment guidance service provides you with the latest information based on exclusive interviews with graphite mining operations, industry research, and connections with experienced metal experts who choose to share their wisdom and research.

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