Investing in palladium

Palladium Investing

Palladium is a rare element classified as a platinum group element. It is used primarily in the automotive industry for building catalytic converters. Other applications include electrical components, chemical assays, jewelry, and dental products.

Demand from both speculators and industrial applications have been rising steadily over the past two decades. Palladium may therefore offer investors some of the best opportunities in the precious metals market.

Investing In Palladium

Palladium, though nearly as important for industrial purposes as silver or copper because of its chemical properties, is often overshadowed by its more well-known precious metal counterparts. Nonetheless, investors appreciate palladium as a store of wealth and a hedge against inflation.

Palladium mining is concentrated among a few major players. Russia, Africa, and the United States are home to the most productive palladium mining operations, but Canada offers some attractive opportunities to invest in palladium miners as well. Sorting through the best opportunities at the right time can make palladium investing both challenging and rewarding. This is where Proven and Probable can help. We closely examine palladium mining stocks of both producers and junior miners and as a client offer you the ability to own palladium bullion.

Palladium Investing Expertise

Proven and Probable is here to help make sense of investing in palladium. We provide the latest reporting from exclusive interviews with palladium mining operations, metals industry research, and connections with passionate metal experts who choose to share their wisdom and research.

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