Platinum Stocks

Investing In Platinum Stocks

Platinum is among the rarest of precious metals, as it holds 3 distinct characteristics as being precious, industrial, and strategic. Although the trading volume is much lower as compared to gold and silver, platinum can be an extremely rewarding sector. Platinum is not a ubiquitous metal as it found predominantly in 4 countries, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Russia, and the United States. Platinum investing can be tremendously rewarding due to the energy- and capital-intensive nature of platinum mining. Therefore, platinum stock investing as well platinum bullion requires strong guidance and a well-connected resource that knows the industry.

When it comes to platinum investing, Proven and Probable has the ideas, value propositions, analysis, news, and timing signals you need to confidently invest in Canadian platinum stocks.

We offer key insights to retail and institutional investors, analysts, and other industry professionals through our informative subscription service. Proven and Probable provides some of the most accurate, up-to-the-minute, and comprehensive financial information available, supported by our deep connections in the mining industry and our successful experience analyzing platinum investments.

Why Platinum Mining Offers Opportunities

Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold, and provides vast utility for a number of industrial applications. Despite its rarity, platinum faces growing demand in both industrial and investment realms. Platinum is used worldwide in around 20 percent of all consumer goods and is a primary component in vehicle emission systems. New uses for platinum are increasingly being discovered as a result of the metal’s desirable qualities, including its extreme melting point, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and high durability.

Nonetheless, platinum mining stocks may not move in direct correlation to the price of the underlying ore. Operational costs, local regulatory conditions, and delays can cost miners significantly. Platinum stocks, therefore, are highly speculative. That’s why the expertise of Proven and Probable is so valuable.

Platinum Mining Expertise

Proven and Probable is an online knowledge database with market, company, and industry information on platinum stocks. We have established ourselves as a trusted information source for speculators and institutional investors looking to profit from platinum mining.

We help sort through the challenges faced by precious metal investors and speculators. Our platinum investment insights come from a combination of in-depth research, interviews with platinum mining operations, and connections with experts who are passionate about precious metals and choose to share the same reliable investment research we would rely on ourselves.

To help our audience navigate the many opportunities available, we provide detailed analyses of platinum mining stocks and their underlying companies. In doing so, we enable our investing community to make informed decisions.

By offering unique insights and in-depth research, Proven and Probable has become the go-to resource for retail and institutional stakeholders. The true value of Proven and Probable is evidenced by our full commitment to excellence, a willingness to go the extra mile, and our culture of transparency and integrity that shapes our brand ethos. We are licensed to sell platinum bullion through Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments.

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