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$1.49 OVER SPOT | RCM 1000 oz. SILVER BARS

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What are the Benefits of buying Brand New RCM 1000 oz Silver Bars?

  • Royal Canadian Mint Bars are Brand New, never owned before. Unlike Comex Silver Bars that are previously owned and commonly found in almost 99% of all 1000oz silver Bar Programs. Know what you are buying with a trusted name and a brand-new product.
  • RCM Silver bars range from 900 – 990+ ounces each, exact weights available
  • The Royal Canadian Mint is known for their purity & expertise in providing a high-quality product
  • Miles Franklin has immediate availability of 1000 oz. Royal Canadian Mint silver bars
  • Royal Canadian Mint Bars include Insured Shipping to Brink’s Vaults
  • Royal Canadian Mint Bars can be stored at either Brink’s Toronto or Brink’s New York JFK

Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage Details:

  • Bars are exclusively your private property. They are not registered with any commodity exchange
  • 1000oz. Silver bars offer the most competitive and lowest pricing and premiums possible
  • Rates start at $490 per year per $100,000 in value, billed quarterly
  • 3 Bar Minimum for initial account set up, 1 Bar per order there-after to qualify for this rate
  • Bars with Miles Franklin are fully segregated and never commingled
  • Extremely Liquid, bars may be sold back to Miles Franklin at any time
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