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Proven & Probable is an online knowledge database featuring market, company and industry information on precious metals, mining companies, gold stocks and junior mining stocks to invest in. We have established ourselves as a trusted partner to investors looking to profit from gold mining stocks. We are connected with experts who are passionate about your investing success, and whose goal it is to share the same reliable investment research we would use ourselves.

To help our audience navigate the many offerings of junior gold stocks, we provide detailed analyses of Canadian gold mining stocks and companies. In doing so, we enable our readers and listeners to make informed investment decisions. A gold stock could be a great addition to your portfolio, but with so many variables to consider, it can be difficult to decide which is the best Canadian gold stock for your particular needs.

Your Source For Objective Information On Gold Stocks

We pride ourselves for being recognized as good stewards for the industry. We are committed to provide you the information necessary to discover the next potentially profitable natural resource stock for your portfolio. Proven and Probable is a source of objective facts amid all of the opinion, spin, and conflicts of interest in the gold stock and precious metals market sphere.

Our interviews with industry experts provide much-needed insight into the political, economic, business and market components that need to be taken into account if you want to invest in gold stocks. We conduct frequent interviews with the CEOs of junior mining companies and precious metals bullion experts to provide a comprehensive overview to allow you to make strategic investment decisions.

In fact, all resources on our website are tailored toward would-be investors in Canadian gold company stocks. We expand the narrative to include additional value propositions listed throughout global capital markets. Our interviews provide speculators the ability to identify some of the best gold stocks available to assist in constructing your gold mining portfolio. The information presented by Proven & Probable focuses on educating and informing speculators about companies associated with gold investing, gold mining, and gold bullion.

‘Investments’ That Suit Your Speculative Portfolio

While every prospective speculator will have their own needs and goals, there are some initial considerations that can be useful for anyone looking to procure gold stocks to invest in. At Proven and Probable, we address the questions and concerns that may enable you to narrow down your list of gold stocks to buy, leaving you with a portfolio that suits your goals and needs for optimum results.

Top gold stocks can be a valuable diversifier for a stock portfolio because they provide speculators exposure to a commodity that’s well-known for its role as a store of wealth, in preserving its value and providing financial protection against economic and geopolitical risks. Whether you choose gold mining ETFs or an individual gold stock, having some exposure to junior gold mining stocks is worthy of merit and consideration.

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