Gold $ 1833.60 4.50

Silver $ 27.54 0.09

Palladium $ 2940.10 46.60

Platinium $ 1262.70 14.70


Hot Chili Commences Trading on OTCQB Venture Market

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Proven & Probable:

Guiding your Mining and Mineral Investments

Proven & Probable provides insight into a wide range of resource stocks, helping investors to gather value through a deep knowledge of the mining and mineral exploration sectors.

Investment Insight in Junior Miners and Gold Stocks

At Proven & Probable we have expertise in junior miners, in particular gold stocks, as well as rhodium, platinum, palladium, silver, uranium, copper, nickel, zinc, graphite in Canada.

Our insight is based on many years of studying the industry — not from afar, but by visiting mines and exploration projects around the world and speaking at mining conferences. We have contacts with dozens of leading mining and exploration companies and regularly interview their CEOs and geologists to anticipate the potential catalysts that may cause mining stocks to rise.

We have earned the trust of the most respected names in the industry — on the financial side as well as the geological — and we use that to bring you the best insights into mining company stocks, their proven reserves, and their probable movements.


Precious Metals Delivered Directly to You

For those wishing to invest directly in precious metals, Proven & Probable is also a safe and reliable source of gold bullion and other physical bullion investments.

We offer a variety of precious metals investments: physically, through our safe delivery service, offering Gold bullion and other precious metals including Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium.

We offer offshore depository storage for your precious metals, secured by Brinks of Canada. Your precious metals are fully insured and completely segregated with your name and account number on your box.

We offer Self-Directed Precious Metals Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) through New Directions Trust Company. Your fully insured, Self-Directed IRA account can be accessed 24 hours. You can easily move funds from your existing retirement account into a Self Directed Precious Metals IRA. As an account holder, you can trade Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium.

There is nothing quite as satisfying as actual coins and bars of gold, silver or platinum. These metals have been repositories of value for millennia, and investors, large and small, continue to hold them. These assets are collected both as a ‘safe-haven’ and out of preference to cash and stocks that are at the mercy of markets, government actions and shifting consumer trends. We deliver bullion to your home or office, suitably insured and guaranteed, so you can top up your physical holdings whenever you want to.

We will be happy to help guide your investment choices. Get in touch with us today to enjoy the advantage of Proven & Probable investing in mining companies and bullion.


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