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Your Crystal Ball for 2023

No one, has a crystal ball when it comes to the future. But, we wanted to share how you may want to position ourself for the future.


  • Why: As a Savings/Financial Insurance/Protection from Government Stupidity.
  • Where to Buy: Maurice Jackson:
  • Frequency: Every 2 Weeks.
  • Percentage of Portfolio: Minimum 10%, but we hold approximately 35% in our portfolio.
Economics in One Lesson, Proven and Probable


  • Methodology: Using the Ratio’s.
  • Dow:Gold Ratio is indicating that Gold is on sale relative to the Dow. When the ratio is between 4-5, it is more favorable to be in general equities and real estate. At present the ratio is 1 share of the Dow = 18 oz of Gold.
  • Looking further, Silver and Platinum are on sale relative to Gold.
  • Gold:Silver Ratio At present 1 oz of Gold = 76.5 oz of Silver. When the ratio is between 45-54 trade your Silver in for Gold. Note: Silver Eagles have demanded a significant premium the past 8 months. Which actually reduced the Gold:Silver Ratio inside the 45-54 range.
  • Platinum:Gold Ratio: At present .59 oz of Platinum is = 1 oz of Gold. When the ratio is equal to and or greater than 1, trade your Platinum in for Gold.
  • A great resource on the power of Ratio’s and when to buy and sell is: Bob Moriarty’s: Nobody Knows Anything (Must Read)!
Nobody Knows Anything, Proven and Probable


  • Royalty and Project Generators use a unique business model relative to their mining industry peers.
  • Why: They tend to outperform mining exploration companies accretively (Highlighted Below):




  • These companies are most speculative and offer tremendous upside and conversely a lot of downside. We are biased and are active buyers of our partner/advertisers found (Here). For a deeper dive into the mining/exploration industry: (Must Reads):
  • What Became of the Crow by Bob Moriarty
  • Mineral Exploration and Mining Essentials by Robert Stevens
Mineral Exploration and Mining, Proven and Probable



  • Commit your future to paper. Not having a plan, is a plan. A foolish one, but is a plan. If you don’t have a plan for your savings and investments someone else does. SCHEDULE YOUR PATH.
  • Be willing to study each of the aforementioned. Don’t believe the hype! Don’t get mislead by fancy thumbnails, price predictions, and narratives on manipulation. Is there manipulation? Yes, in every market! Don’t complain about manipulation, learn to leverage manipulation in your favor by realizing you are being offered a discounted price!
  • Be pragmatic, and be patient. Your competition is never patient. They want to price to rise on their schedule, which was yesterday. They will be your best friends, because they have have fast hands and love to sell at the wrong time. If the price goes down, and nothing fundamental has changed with management, the project/s, and or results, there is your buying opportunity!!!
  • Very few investors/speculators are in this space, you don’t have much competition. The best way to beat your competition in this space, is not to follow the herd. Remember, no one get’s it right all the time, you just need to be better than your competition.