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Top 10 mining podcasts to follow in 2023

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For those wanting to learn more about mining and exploration from experts all across the field.

10. Behind the Scenes with Bryan

This podcast typically centres around the field of engineering and frequently explores topics related to mining, with a particular focus on issues such as mining waste management, geoscience, data management, and touches on ESG aspects such as women in mining.

The host, Bryan Ulrich, has over thirty years of experience in the field of engineering, project management, design, construction, analysis, and site investigation related to mining work, and has worked on a multitude of plant-site projects throughout his career.

9. Deep Insights with Mining Review Africa

Hosted by Laura Cornish, the editor-in-chief of Mining Review Africa, the podcast features interviews with industry experts, mining executives, and other key stakeholders who discuss a range of topics related to the African mining industry.

Reaching an audience of over 50 000 influential mining authorities and key decision makers through a variety of channels, the podcast talks about everything from sustainable development across the mining sector in Africa through articles on project developments and the technology and financial models that drive them.

The podcast has an audience over 50,000 key stakeholders in the industry

8. Mining Minds

Mining Minds is a podcast that focuses on the mining industry in Canada, specifically in the province of Ontario. The podcast is produced by the Ontario Mining Association, a trade organisation that represents the mining industry in the province.

Drawing on their own experiences, the hosts take listeners on a journey through the lives of miners, the communities and companies that sustain them, and the unique lifestyles they embrace. The podcast will explore the vital role mining plays in our world while emphasising the crucial need for responsible mining practices that safeguard our environment and secure our future.

7. Exploration Radio

Hosted by a panel of industry experts, Exploration Radio is a podcast that focuses on the exploration of natural resources, including minerals, oil, and gas, the podcast is produced by a team of geoscientists and mining professionals who are passionate about exploration and the discovery of new resources. 

Hosts talk to explorers about the challenges they have faced, what we stand to learn from them and how we can better prepare for the future.

6. Full Production with Peter Finn

Full Production with Peter Finn is a podcast that focuses on the mining industry in Australia. The podcast is produced by Newton Consulting, a consulting firm that specialises in the mining industry.

The podcast features interviews with industry experts, mining executives, and other key stakeholders who discuss a range of topics related to the Australian mining industry.

5. Network – Women in Mining South Africa

Covering everything from the importance of mentorship for women in mining to learning how to navigate male-dominated environments, the Women in Mining South Africa podcast supports the empowerment of women in the sector. The podcast features conversations with women who are leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, and pioneers in the mining industry. Through their stories, listeners can gain insights into the challenges and opportunities that women face in the mining sector, and learn about the strategies and initiatives that are helping to promote gender equality and diversity in the industry.

WiMSA creates an empowering network to inspire, support, and develop the progression of women working in the South African mining industry

4. On the Rocks

Emily King, who is the Founder of Prospector, a geologist, and the Chief Innovation Officer for Analog Gold, hosts a podcast where she interviews special guests about the current state and the future of the mining industry.

The conversations take place over cocktails, and topics covered include space mining, deep sea mining, artificial intelligence, the state of the market, and tales of exploring remote mountains.

3. Proven and Probable 

This US-based mining podcast, Proven and Probable, has been running since 2016 and has released hundreds of episodes, covering topics from gold and silver mining to battery metals and uranium.

The podcast is hosted by Maurice Jackson, who is a mining industry expert and the founder of Proven and Probable, a mining and exploration company.

Episodes cover a wide range of topics, including exploration techniques, mining methods, mineral economics, and investing strategies. Guests on the show share their experiences and expertise in these areas, and also provide their perspectives on current events and trends in the industry.

2. The Northern Miner Podcast

The Northern Miner is a pioneering podcast in the mining industry, with a legacy of over 100 years in serving mining and exploration professionals. The podcast is powered by crucial reports produced by the expert writing staff of The Northern Miner, which help inform the decision-making process of thousands of high-performing mining professionals worldwide.

Episodes of the podcast often cover news and events from around the world, including developments in mining hotspots such as Canada, Australia, and South America. Listeners can expect to hear discussions on topics such as new mining projects, mergers and acquisitions, commodity prices, and regulatory changes that impact the industry.

1. Dig Deep: The Mining Podcast

Coming in at number 1 is the Dig Deep Podcast. Episodes provide listeners with valuable information about the mining industry and how it is evolving, also highlighting emerging technologies and mining methods, as well as the impact of global events on the industry.

Hosted by Rob Tyson, mining head-hunter and founder and director of Mining International Ltd, the podcast features interviews with mining professionals, including geologists, mining executives, investors, and analysts, who share their insights and perspectives on the latest industry news and trends.

One of the unique features of the Dig Deep podcast is its focus on safety in the mining industry. The podcast often discusses safety initiatives and strategies, and provides insights into how mining companies are working to create safer working environments for their employees.