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Jayant Bhandari | Hysteria Creates Opportunity

Jayant Bhandari the founder of Capitalism and Morality sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss the coronavirus and its global impact. Jayant will discuss the inefficiency of government and his thoughts on who is to blame for the virus. We will cover Africa, The Middle Ease, India, and the Far East. Mr. Bhandari will share which junior mining companies have his attention. We will then discuss the merits of owning precious metals, in particular gold and silver, during these unprecedented times. Finally, we will discuss the critical role of reasoning, liberty, argumentation, and philosophy. Great insights from one the most respected names in the natural resource space.


Riverside Resources, Proven and Probable
Granite Creek Copper, Proven and Probable
Millrock Resources, Proven and Probable
Minera Alamos, Proven and Probable
Skyharbour Resources, Proven and Probable
Jericho Oil, Proven and Probable
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