Gold $ 1746.40 4.60

Silver $ 25.38 0.17

Palladium $ 2668.60 62.10

Platinium $ 1213.80 16.80

EMX Royalty, Proven and Probable

EMX Royalty Options the Swift and Selena Gold Projects in Nevada to Ridgeline Minerals

EMX Royalty is continues to execute on their thriving 3 Pronged Business Approach.  Today the company issued another great press release for shareholders.  We are on record for stating that we will match our bullion purchases with shares of EMX Royalty in 2019.  For a further discussion regarding today’s press release contact:

Investor Relations

Mr. Scott S. Close
10001 W. Titan Road
Littleton, CO, USA 80125
Phone: +1 (303) 973-8585


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