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EMX Royalty CEO has Purchased 646,325 shares with in the past 1 yr period

EMX Royalty 


David Cole the CEO of EMX Royalty has been demonstrating to the Market the full confidence he has in the value proposition of The Royalty Generator.  Mr.Cole has purchased 646,325 shares within the past 1 year period!
We are of the opinion that EMX Royalty has the potential of witnessing a MELT UP in the share price.  There are a number of catalysts that are advancing to see this come to fruition.  We encourage you to contact Scott Close of Investor Relations to find out why we have matched our bullion purchases this year in shares of EMX Royatly. . . The Royalty Generator.

Investor Relations

Mr. Scott S. Close

Phone: +1 (303) 973-8585