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EMX Royalty – $40M Cash, 0 Debt, + 250 Mineral Assets


David Cole the CEO of EMX Royalty sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss the dynamic value proposition that the Royalty Generator presents to the Market. Today we will focus on the Bor Mining District and discuss the announcement of the Timok Royalty Property which is a ‘Company Making Event’. EMX expects to receive royalty payments by next quarter and folks this is a very lucrative transaction for shareholders, as the company already has a Treasury boasting 40 Million and 0 Debt! Also, we will discuss Balya polymetallic project in Turkey as there are some exciting developments occurring there as well. Find out why Rick Rule and Sprott Global are strategic investors in a company that has the potential to see its share price melt-up and could one day move from the TSX.V to the GDXJ to the GDX! If you like gold royalty companies this interview is for you!

EMX Royalty (TSX.V: EMX | NYSE: EMX)
Corporate Presentation:
Mr. Scott S. Close
Phone: +1 (303) 973-8585

About EMX Royalty:
EMX Royalty Corporation has a long-standing track record of success in exploration discovery, royalty generation, royalty acquisition, and strategic investments. Our diversified, three-pronged business approach provides exposure to multiple upside opportunities while minimizing the impact on EMX’s treasury.

EMX’s business model is designed to efficiently manage the risks inherent to the minerals exploration and mining industry. Key elements and resulting advantages of our unique approach are: We organically generate royalties through low-cost property acquisition and early-stage exploration to build value, and then develop partnerships with quality companies to advance the projects, with EMX retaining a royalty interest and receiving pre-production payments.
Our organic royalty growth is supplemented by purchases of royalties from other parties, as well as strategic investments. Cash flow from royalties, advance royalties, and other property payments are supplemented by returns from strategic investments and provide “self-funding” operating capital for our ongoing business initiatives. Using this model, we sustainably grow the royalty portfolio, with minimal dilution to our shareholders. EMX’s royalty and property portfolio spanning five continents and consists of a balanced mix of precious metal, base metal, and other assets.

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