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In this interview on Proven and Probable, Maurice Jackson speaks with David Talbot, Managing Director and Head of Equity Research at Red Cloud Securities, about the uranium sector’s value proposition and current state. Talbot, with over a decade of experience in the uranium industry, discusses the importance of uranium-fueled nuclear energy, which generates around 10% of global electricity, with the U.S. at 18.6% and Canada at just under 14%.

Talbot highlights the attractiveness of nuclear power: no greenhouse gas emissions during operations, mitigation of climate change impact, base load power provision, long reactor life, stable operating costs, energy security, and abundant uranium availability. The global demand for nuclear energy is growing at approximately 3.6% annually, with significant growth in China, India, Russia, and Turkey. China, in particular, is expanding its reactor fleet and aims to surpass the U.S. in nuclear capacity within the next decade.

Despite the increasing demand, uranium supply faces challenges. The current supply-demand gap sees reactors needing 180 million pounds of uranium annually, while mines produce only 145 million pounds. Talbot notes that uranium prices have surged, influenced by factors such as production cuts, geopolitical concerns, and increased buying by entities like the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust.

Geopolitical factors, including the U.S. ban on Russian uranium imports and the Advanced Act Bill boosting nuclear reactor deployment, are significant drivers of uranium prices. The ban, effective in 2028, will force the U.S. to source uranium from friendly countries, while the Advanced Act aims to streamline nuclear project permitting and support the nuclear sector’s growth.

Talbot also touches on Kazakhstan’s mineral extraction tax increase, which could discourage production expansion. He believes that while some events are priced into the current uranium market, the U.S. uranium production could rise, benefiting from higher prices and supportive policies.

David A. Talbot is a mining analyst with Red Cloud Securities. He spent nearly a decade as a geologist in the gold industry, working with Placer Dome, Franco-Nevada, and Newmont Capital. Talbot joined Dundee’s (now Eight Capital) research department in May 2003, and in the summer of 2007, he took over the role of analyzing the fast-growing uranium sector. Since then, he has expanded his expertise to include lithium, graphite, cobalt, and iron ore. Talbot is a member of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) and serves on the PDAC Convention’s selection committee for the Corporate Presentation Forum for Investors. He has been featured on BNN, CNBC, and in The Economist, among various other media publications. He has also chaired several investment sessions. Talbot graduated with distinction from the University of Western Ontario, earning an Honours B.Sc. degree in geology.

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Skyharbour Partner Company Azincourt Mobilizes for Geophysical Program at the East Preston Uranium Project

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“The collection of this data and refinement of conductor locations within the identified corridors will ensure that our highest priority targets are being targeted and tested effectively,” said Azincourt Exploration Manager, Trevor Perkins.

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