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ROVER METALS | 32 Meters of Continuous Gold Averaging 13.6 grams per ton


Joining us for a conversation is Judson Culter the CEO of Rover Metals which is a natural resource exploration, junior mining company specialized in North American precious metal resources.

Introduction- :24
Company Overview – :43
Key Milestons for 2020 -1:21
Outlook for 2021 – 2:34
Uptown Gold Project – 3:43
Goals for 2021 – 5:14
What is the next unswered question: 7:00
Capital Structure review – 7:47
Burn Rate – 8:00
How is the Treasury looking – 8:30
Any Final Words for Shareholders – 8:48
What keeps you up at night – 9:18
What did I forget to ask – 9:56

Rover Metals: (TSX.V: ROVR | OTCQB: ROVMF)
Corporate Presentation:

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Rover to Re-Option Up Town Gold Property

Press Release

Corporate Presentation


JudsonCulter, CEO at Rover Metals, statestiming and execution of this transaction couldn’t be better. The offloading of approx. $1.4MM, of what would have been current liabilities, related to the Up Town Gold project, allows us to focus on our core Cabin Lake group of gold projects. On November 24, 2020, we announced a continuous gold drill intercept of 32 meters of 13.6 g/t Au at Cabin Lake. We want to get back in there and get to work as soon as possible. Our new deal with Melius Capital, allows Rover Metals the right to retain a 25% ownership interest in the Up Town at a future date. Rover Metals plans to play an ongoing supportive role to Melius Capital to assist them in advancing the gold potential of Up Town Gold.”

For further information, please contact:
Judson Culter
Phone: (604) 449-5347