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GROUP TEN METALS | Gold, PGE, American Platreef

Group Ten Metals (TSX.V: PGE | OTCQB: PGZEF)

In this exclusive interview, Michael Rowley, the CEO of Group Ten Metals highlights the companies most recent success on their flagship Stillwater West Project located in Montana, adjacent to Sibyane’s Stillwater project which was recently acquired for $2.2 Billion! Group Ten Metals intends to release a maiden 43.101 this year along with a number of press releases providing continuous progress updates for shareholders on their successes. The gold price forecast is looking very favorable for a long-lasting bull market. Strong companies listed on the GDX, GDXJ, and TSX Venture and successful exploration plays, such as Group Ten Metals Stillwater West project, will position themselves to reward their shareholders. If you are silver stacking or a geo, Group Ten Metals should be worth consideration for your investment portfolio.
1:00 Company Overview
1:47 The Next Major Platreef Discovery?
3:04 When will a 43-101 be published?
4:29 Pine Gold Target Dimensions
5:26 16 G/T GOLD! ! !
7:04 Intercession
7:17 High-Grade Rhodium ! ! !
9:06 2020 Goals and Deliverables on the Stillwater
9:43 Will Group Ten Metals sell the Kluane PGE-Nickel-Copper Project?
10:57 What about the Black-Lake-Drayton Gold Project?
11:34 Capital Structure
12:15 What did I forget to ask?
13:23 Extraction Cost for PGE in South Africa Vs Montana
Group Ten Metals (TSX.V: PGE | OTCQB: PGEZF)
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