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Dolly Varden Silver May Need to Change Its Name

Bob Moriarty
Mar 4, 2024

Last Friday’s sudden $38 move higher to a new closing peak has me a bit confused. I have been predicting a turn higher in resource shares for the last several weeks. This could be the start of something great. But it was a strange day and I’m feeling it is behaving like a market where someone knows something and is front running gold and silver.

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Old timers in the resource sector will be quite familiar with the name of Dolly Varden. Named after a heroine from a Charles Dickens book, the short-lived mine produced the highest-grade silver in Canada at the time between 1919 and 1921. Before he became President, even Herbert Hoover was associated with the mine. Located in the heart of the Golden Triangle in Northern British Colombia the silver deposit is near the Eskay Creek Mine and the Premier Gold mine.

While I was aware that for a time Eskay Creek proved to be Canada’s highest-grade gold mine producing over three million ounces of high-grade gold, I wasn’t aware that Eskay Creek also measured as the 5th largest silver mine in the world with production of over 160 million ounces of silver.

Dolly Varden Silver (DV-V) may need to change its name. For like the nearby Eskay Creek Mine, latest assay results demonstrate a high-grade gold potential.

Dolly drilled 350 meters between what they call the Homestake Main and Homestake Silver in hole 23-389. The Homestake Project of course was purchased from Fury Gold Mines in 2021 for $65 million in cash and shares. Dolly Varden/Torbrit has always been high-grade silver with some gold. Homestake was high-grade gold with good silver values. The drill results from hole 23-389 may cause Dolly to change its name to Dolly Varden Gold. Or Dolly Varden Gold/Lots of Silver.

Released on the 12th of February that hole showed a remarkable Eskay Creek kind of grade and length giving 79.49 g/t of gold across 12.45 meters with 60 g/t of silver. That was within 66.5 meters of 15.26 g/t gold with 20.05 g/t of silver. Nearby hole 23-399 reported 2.68 g/t Au and 20 g/t Ag over 57.70 meters.

The Dolly Varden/Homestake project looks more and more like an Eskay Creek analog every day. Eskay Creek of course is on the same trend and located only about 60 miles away. Should Dolly Varden poke a couple more similar grade holes in the 350-meter stretch between Homestake Main and Homestake Silver the shares are going to the moon.

Dolly Varden last released a 43-101 back in 2019. Since that time the company spent $40 million on exploration and drilling. The 2023 program alone consisted of just over 51,500 meters of drilling giving excellent results. Investors should be looking for an updated 43-101 after the 2024 drill program completes and has been reported.

Since there is an almost even split between silver value and gold value, on the excellent presentation the company shows both a combined resource in terms of silver equivalent and another in gold equivalent. For silver Eq the company shows about 140 million ounces of silver using a silver price of $20 in USD. For a gold Eq the presentation gives about a 1.5-million-ounce number at a gold price of $1650.

Dolly has a market cap today of about $189 million in Canadian pesos or $140 million in US rubles. The existing 43-101 is sufficient to provide support to that market cap. The 2024 drill program is fully funded by the $10 million in the bank.

The factor that could be of critical importance to the price of the shares is the lack of public participating. Basically, as in all commodity trading it is the general public or the speculators who provide liquidity.

With Dolly 22% of the shares are held by Fury Gold Mines as a result of the 2021 deal for Homestake. Hecla owns 15% and the latest news would tend to push them to go to the 19.9% number. Institutions own 47%. Eric Sprott owns 9%, he loves silver. So only 7% of the shares in total are available to the public. A slight change in attitude towards investing in resource stocks could drive the price of shares a lot higher.

Dolly Varden is an advertiser and I participated in the last private placement. Do your own due diligence, of course I am biased.

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