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Dolly Varden is Still Silver

Bob Moriarty
Oct 3, 2023

Thirteen months ago at the first of September of 2022 silver hit a DSI (Daily Sentiment Indicator) of 9 for three days in a row. I said it was a bottom for silver. Stocks continued lower the month of September but my call on September 1st was correct. The DSI had correctly timed the bottom of silver to the day.

I’ll say it again. Dolly Varden (DV-V) is silver. Dolly Varden was $.355 at the low at the end of September last year and it went to $1.25 a tiny six months later. Dolly Varden is going to do exactly the same thing again. The crash I predicted nine weeks ago is here. It has started in a different form than I anticipated when on September 20th it was reported that the Fed Funds rate was going to stay higher for longer. This time it is shooting treasury rates and the dollar higher and forcing weak hands to dump silver and gold just like it did back in 2008. Treasury rates are going to continue to climb with the dollar index until the system blows sky high. Soon everyone is going to realize there is no soft landing coming. Investors will be looking for a safe haven and the only safe haven in town is the metals.

Dolly Varden is an interesting company in that it is 93% owned by insiders and large funds leaving a tiny float of only 7%. Fury owns 23% in exchange for Homestake. Hecla maintains a 10% interest as does Eric Sprott. Various institutions own another 50%. The shares are down 50% from a high in April without anything bad happening to the company. I make a point in my books that if nothing else changes and the price goes down of a stock you really like, that’s a good thing.

The company has a resource today of 140 million Ag EQ ounces based on the 43-101 released in 2019. It’s half gold and half silver. Since that now ancient resource, Dolly has drilled another 100,000 meters. Results from 40,000 meters of drilling will be released soon from over 100 holes. Dolly is in both the SIL and SILJ indexes which is why institutions are so heavily invested in the company. If they want to show a silver side, they pretty much have to own Dolly.

The silver intercepts continue to be world class. The last press release showing results from the Wolf Vein show 381 g/t Ag over 29.0 meters. At the surface the Wolf Vein was only 9 meters but 75 meters down it widened to 29 meters. That will add a lot of ounces.

Dolly Varden is an advertiser and I participated in the last private placement. Do your own due diligence, of course I am biased.

Dolly Varden Silver Corp
DV-V $.62 (Oct 2, 2023)
DOLLF-OTCBB 255 million shares
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Bob Moriarty
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