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Dolly Varden is Silver

Bob Moriarty
Nov 21, 2022

As my regular readers fully understand, I am a big fan of measuring sentiment to gauge just where we are in the metals cycle. On September 1st I said we were at a tradable low. That was accurate to the day for silver and gold plodded along for another four weeks before touching the low. I picked that timeframe based mostly on DSI but also use every other way to measure sentiment that I can find including talking to others I have respect for in the industry.

If you are looking for a holiday treat for yourself, the DSI is on sale from now and ending on December 15th at a 60% discount. If you are a serious investor, it is the best tool you will ever find. I know there are half a dozen GURUs out there who claim to be experts who have never made a single accurate call.

I called the top in silver to the day in 2011 and this latest silver bottom to the day. I know of no other writer who can say that. And I am neither a guru nor an expert. I just used the same tools available to all of us.

I have reached out to the people whose judgment I appreciate the most to make sense of what I have seen in the last few months. The sentiment is worse across the board than what I saw back in 2000-2001 when both gold and silver made historic lows. You can see it in the trading volume and absurdly low prices.

It tells me this is your time to make your fortune. I don’t know how many times I have repeated that you have to buy when no one wants to buy and sell when everyone wants to buy. I see dozens of stocks including some real piece of shit stocks with rotten management that have 1000% potential in the near future. Forget reading tealeaves and plucking through chicken entrails and pondering what the Fed might screw up next. Sentiment moves markets but you have to see it. Anyone looking at the DSI and $BPGDM could make the same to the day predictions I have made dozens of times without being a guru.

I’ll say it again. Dolly Varden is silver.

The company has a 163 km land package in the midst of the Golden Triangle in Northern BC, Canada. It consists of two primary parts, the Homestake Ridge with about 20 million ounces of silver with just short of a million ounces of gold. Homestake was bought from Fury for $5 million in cash and 76.5 million DV shares. Fury recently sold 17 million of those shares reducing their overall ownership of Dolly Varden to 26%. The second part would be of course the Dolly Varden property and mine with an additional 44.5 million ounces of silver.

Dolly likes to use both silver and gold equivalent ounces. If using silver Eq, they have a total of 137 million Ag Eq ounces. If using gold it would be 1.83 million Au Eq ounces. With a $133 million CAD market cap and $10 million in cash, Dolly is getting less than $1 CAD an ounce or $.70 USD.  Well before the marvelous run up to near $50 an ounce in 2011 silver companies were getting $3 to $5 an ounce USD and it will happen again. Dolly certainly could have a 400-700% move higher when silver investors wake up.

They have not woken up yet. Silver touched a low of $17.56 on September 1st. Last week it hit a high of $22.24 on Wednesday. That is a 26% gain in less than three months. And investors in the resource space have not woken up yet. These subsurface rallies can go higher and faster than you can imagine. It happened in early 2016 and again in 2020 when silver blasted higher from under $12 an ounce to almost $30 in ten months.

Dolly’s 2022 drill program called for 30,000 meters of drilling in 99 holes with four rigs turning. The company is releasing results on a regular basis. Their last press release from November 7, 2022 showed 12.51 meters of 442 g/t Ag. That’s almost $300 rock in USD and highly economic.

One thing that I would like to point out that even I didn’t know, until I poured through their company presentation, is that the ownership is almost totally in the hands of professional investors. Sprott owns 11%, Hecla another 10%, I mentioned Fury with 26% and another 45% in institutional investors. There is a mere 8% in the clutches of retail investors yet they are the people who move the stock. When silver is hot again and it will be, Dolly Varden is going to be the go-to silver stock once again.

Dolly Varden is an advertiser and I participated in their last private placement so I am biased. Please do your own due diligence.

Dolly Varden Silver Corp
DV-V $.58 (Nov 17, 2022) 
DOLLF-OTCBB 231 million shares
Dolly Varden Silver website


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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