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“Copper is the New Oil”

According to Goldman Sachs

By 2025, the metals could be priced at $15,000 a tonne (U$6.80 per pound), a rise of 66%. (current copper price is $9,300 per tonne (U$4.24 per pound)) Goldman said in a report titled “Copper is the new Oil”

The report also drills down into three drivers of green copper demand: electric vehicles (EVs); solar power and wind power. The bank estimates that 5.1 million EVs likely will be sold in 2021, rising to 31.51 million EVs in the year 2030. It also forecasts that 30 million charging units will be installed in 2030.

A rising tide of electrification, as many countries seek to lower their emissions through developing new technologies, promises robust demand for years to come. Global copper production would need to rise by between 3% and 6% per annum by 2030 for countries to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement on climate change, according to a Sept. 14 Bernstein Research note.