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Where has Honor Gone? Capitalism and Morality 30 July 2022

Irving Resources

Would Black Lives Matter, affirmative action policies, multi-culturalism and the demand for diversity have emerged had the concept of honor still been a part of the backbone of the West? Here are my thoughts:

On Investments

Recently, I had a linked conversation with Cory Fleck and Shad Marquitz about three companies that had not gone up with the general resources market.

Here are some more names with my limit buy-prices:

  • Gran Colombia Warrants (GCM.WT.B; C$3)
  • Silver Dollar (SLV; C$0.66)
  • Baru Gold (BARU; C$0.09)
  • Irving Resources (IRV; C$0.92)
  • Signature Resources (SGU; C$0.065)
  • Maritime Resources (MAE; C$0.13)
  • Aztec Minerals (AZT; C$0.27)
  • Montage Gold (MAU; C$0.65)
  • Newcore Gold (NCAU; C$0.54)
  • Valterra Resources (VQA; C$0.03)

You cannot have liberty in a society where a critical mass of people is not morally conscious. A society lacking moral consciousness will invariably produce goons and tyrants. Your perfect constitution will come to naught in such a society. So, the first step should always be to develop a critical mass of morally conscious people. That is what Capitalism & Morality strives to achieve, which, if our rulers allow, will be held on 30th July 2022.