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HOT CHILI | Announces Cortadera Maiden Resource World-Class Copper-Gold Discovery


Joining us for a conversation is Christian Easterday the CEO of Hot Chili Limited, which has just released their Maiden Resource on a Wold-Class Cortadera Copper-Gold Discovery in Chili! The
Cortadera’s maiden Mineral Resource positions Hot Chili with the largest copper Mineral Resource and one of the largest gold Mineral Resources for an ASX-listed emerging company.

The Cortadera maiden Mineral Resource of 451Mt at 0.46% copper equivalent (CuEq) takes the total Mineral Resource estimate for Costa Fuego (Cortadera, Productora & El Fuego) to 724Mt at 0.48% CuEq for 2.9Mt copper, 2.7Moz gold, 9.9Moz Silver and 64kt molybdenum.

The Cortadera also contains a higher grade component of 104Mt at 0.74% CuEq, and this has strong potential to continue growing rapidly with further drilling.The gold price forecast will be a driving catalyst, as a rising gold price will provide gold credits to allow Hot Chili’s organic growth. Find out why Rick Rule and Sprott have been early investors in Hoti Chili Limited.

:34 Introduction
4:00 Rick Rule commentary on investing Gold vs. Copper
6:42 What is the outlook Copper supply and demand fundamentals
12:22 The Cortadera Maiden Resource highlights
15:00 The Intangibles complimenting the Tangibles
24:37 Intermission
25:53 Gold Credits and Organic Growth
29:00 Fully Permitted/Licensed
31:54 What is the next unanswered, when can we expect results, and what determines success
36:04 What is the Capitals Structure for Hot Chili
39:00 How much cash is in the Treasury
41:40 Debt and Burn Rate
43:10 Who are the Major Shareholders for Hot Chili
46:35 What is the Float
48:15 What keeps Mr. Easterday up at night that we don’t know about
51:11 What did I forget to ask

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