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Silver Bullet Mines – Buckeye Mine – Second Access to Treasure Room

From the offices of John Carter, CEO, Silver Bullet Mines


I know I just put an update out just last week but things are really moving fast !
I will make it quick :
Mill site is going great . Last major frame material arrived late but we got it now this week we can complete the screen frame and conveyor install then work on the chutes . Last but not least we are supposed to be drilling our well this week fingers crossed and then electrical. Do not anticipate a problem with supply as all components are NA made . Oh yah one other thing we are starting to stockpile ore at the millsite this week !
At the mine check out the new video on the website and on Utube. We now have our second access to The Treasure Room opened up and our destination is in sight ! Still lots of work but we are up for it !
On the Idaho front I said news is coming and it is . We are really making headway in anticipation of being on site in April! Really exciting.
On the corporate front I hope you saw the pr on the financing really phenomenal that we were able to accomplish this ! Over 80% of the funding came from existing shareholders. We have a few stragglers that will close this week but we did it ! Also I hope you saw the Metaverse PR ? We need to get people excited about SBMI and one of those ways is to think outside the box and that’s what we are doing! Always pushing the rope uphill.
As always make sure you check out the website , follow us on Twitter @bulletmines and Utube silver bullet mines .
Again thank you for your continuing support!