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NV Gold Begins Three (3) Exploration Drill Programs for High-Grade Gold


Thank you for joining our exclusive interview with Peter A. Ball the CEO of NV Gold Corp. which hosts an impressive property bank of gold exploration projects throughout Nevada along with their maiden Exodus Gold Project located in British Columbia. NV Gold is on the cusp of 3 drill programs on the quest for high-grade gold discoveries in Nevada and British Columbia. We will focus our attention today on the Exodus Gold Project in B.C. and the Sandy and Slumber Gold Projects located in Nevada. Our featured company hosts some of the most successful and prominent names in the industry that are shareholders and or advisors to NV Gold. Find out why right here!
NV Gold Corporation is a Canadian junior exploration company trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol NVX (TSX.V – NVX). The company has a proven management team and extensive connections to projects and financing. NV Gold is focused on maximizing shareholder value through acquiring, exploring, discovering and developing advanced gold projects. Find out why some of the most successful names in the industry like Eric Sprott, Bob Moriarty, Quinton Hennigh, Odin Christensen are shareholders of NV Gold!
Corporate Presentation:
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Peter A. Ball, President & CEO
Phone: 1.888.363.9883