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Systematic Sampling at Novo’s Egina Mining Lease Yields Positive ‘MAK’ Gold Results

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Press Release

“We are seeing expansive areas within the Egina mining lease that are yielding MAK results as good or better than our test area of 2019,” commented Quinton Hennigh, President and Chairman of Novo Resources. “In comparison, the 2019 test area is now clearly small in light of what we are discovering in the northwestern and southern parts of M47/560. Setting aside the area of low hills in the west central region of the mining lease where we cannot conduct sampling, it appears that perhaps around 30% of the terrace displays MAK gold point counts in line with the 2019 test swale, and, importantly, surrounding areas display appreciable low level gold point counts similar to those seen outside the swale last year. This data gives us our first real impression of how gold may be distributed within this system, and we are very encouraged, especially given the vast size of this target. With our IGR 3000 test plant back on line, we are eager to commence large scale bulk sampling on the mining lease very soon.”  

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