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(VIDEO) Novo Reports Significant Advancements in Mechanical Sorting Technology

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Novo Resources


“Our recent tests on sortability of fine gold nuggets are very encouraging,” commented Rob Humphryson, CEO and director of Novo. “As investors are aware, Novo is experimenting with a number of waterless, chemical free processing techniques to handle the unique nuggety gold in our Pilbara conglomerates and lag gravels. Tests over the past few months with Steinert mechanical sorters fitted with induction sensors have shown that we can now reliably identify gold particles orders of magnitude smaller than possible only a year ago. Early this year, we showed that sorting of gold-bearing rock material using TOMRA’s mechanical sorters utilizing x-ray transmission is highly effective. More recent tests using Steinert eddy current separators also proved very promising. We are quickly developing a palette of processing techniques that can be potentially utilized to treat our various styles of mineralization. Whilst we have been assured that a detected gold particle can be reliably ejected, field testing of these technologies in 2020 will be the next critical step to prove this technology and gain an operational understanding of productivities, costs and detection size limits.”

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