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NEVADA COPPER Pumpkin Hollow Progress and Construction Update

February is now upon us and it’s time to share another construction update and some recent photos. Once again, we remain on schedule to enter production in Q4 of this year.

(The New Headframe for the EN Vent Shaft at Pumpkin Hollow)

East Main Shaft

We have temporarily stopped lateral development on the 2770 and 2850 levels in order to install utilities in the shaft.

The utilities installed to date include two, very impressive, 350 hp ventilation fans and the accompanying ventilation ducting that runs down the entire length of the east main shaft. This provides a strong, constant flow of fresh air to the 2770 and 2850 levels.

We have also installed a 10-inch dewatering line from surface down to the 2850 level for future dewatering pumps.

Up next: The resumption of lateral development mining on both the 2770 and 2850 levels

The new vent fans – fully up and running
Installing the new ventilation ducting
(EN Vent Shaft Headframe)

East-North Vent Shaft

The headframe has been installed along with the jumbo nest. This is used to swing the drill jumbo in and out of the shaft during shaft sinking activities.

All hoist sheave wheels have been installed and all ropes have been wound onto the main hoist as well as the three Galloway winches and the emergency auxiliary hoist. All headframe support backlegs are installed and the electrical and safety systems have been installed

Up next for the East-North Shaft: Installation of the dump chutes, commissioning of the hoist and starting to sink shaft.

Surface Works

We have successfully finished the dry stack tailings test pad. We are continuing to finish off the drainage and surface-water run off ditches and ponds. The power poles and switch gears arrived and we’ve completed the 25 KV power line move. The comminution area (responsible for crushing and grinding ore) and the flotation areas of the process plant are undergoing foundation work.

Up next for the Surface Works: Continuing foundation work for the process plant and continued engineering work for the permanent 120KV power line.

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David Swisher, SVP of Operations


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