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NEVADA COPPER CORP. Construction Update

Pumpkin Hollow Property Update

It’s December and we continue to see strong progress at Pumpkin Hollow. Both underground and surface works are proceeding according to schedule and, as you can see from the first photo below, the site is steadily transforming. For comparison, check out our October update. Below are some additional photos and comments on some of our recent activity.


East Main Shaft

We now have a 2-boom jumbo and rock bolter on site (both Epiroc) and an R1600 LHD (CAT). We have completed the 2850 shaft station, have sunk the shaft down to the 2770 shaft station level and are now developing the 2770 shaft station. This is an important station as it will house our material handling system. This system will be responsible for hoisting ore out of the mine and, during development, it will be our main haulage from the 2850 level via a drop-raise. This will allow us to handle the waste from our 2850 lateral development.

East-North Ventilation Shaft

We have completed the sub-collar (that was in progress during our last update) and have commenced pre-sink activity. The shaft has now been sunk 100ft down from the sub-collar. In the photos you’ll see an impressive 220-ton crane (in red) which has been facilitating our rapid progress on the East-North shaft work.

We completed the foundations for the winches and main hoist in November and have also installed the winches and hoist on those foundations. We are now working on the foundations for head frame and we expect delivery of the Galloway in the coming month.

Surface Works

Preliminary work for the surface facilities and processing plant continues to move forward briskly. We have completed the earth works for the low-grade/high-grade stockpile area along with the earth works for the processing plant. We have also made significant progress on the earth works for the support buildings and we are currently re-routing the 25kv power line to its final location.


Additional Information

For further information please visit the Nevada Copper corporate website ( and visit our Pumpkin Hollow virtual tour.


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