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MIRAMONT Issues Lying Press Release

Mar 29, 2019For those who have not yet read Basic Investing in Resource Stocks, you should consider it. I predict the big collapse to come soon, very soon followed by what I term “The Big Reset”. Martin Armstrong just put out a piece essentially saying the same thing titled, The Financial Panic of 2019?I realized when I wrote my book in January of this year that I was climbing way out on a limb and sawing it off behind me. I am going to look either very stupid or very bright and only time will tell.With the advent of the Internet, control of the narrative has changed. For all of history the elite controlled the narrative. They told the masses, the mob as it were, how to think and how to vote. The Internet has changed all that. You can still lie to the throng but since most of the world has what is effectively free communication, whatever lie the elite try to pass off will soon be countered by some blogger somewhere who never had a voice before the Internet.Only two days after the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate some imaginary collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in May of 2017, FBI agent Peter Strzok texted his paramour Lisa Page and said, “There’s no big there, there.”Now we have an announcement from William Barr, Attorney General of the United States that specifically stated, “The Special Counsel’s investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election.” In other words, it took Mueller almost two years to figure out what a Trump hating FBI agent knew right from the gitgo.Those who listen to the mainstream media may not have known the facts but anyone with a device similar to or better than a $200 smart phone had access all along to what was essentially a coup D’état on the part of chunks of the United States government against the democratically elected president of the US.And in a masterpiece of obfuscation Director Barr and William Mueller sorta ignored the very real involvement by Russia in the 2016 election in the form of the Russian Dossier made up of whole cloth by the Democrats, the FBI, the DOJ and the CIA.The elite long since lost control of the narrative. If you actually look around you can find a video of Victoria Nuland bragging about how the US spent $5 Billion, that’s Billion with a capital B, interfering with the democratic process in Ukraine.Charging Russia with interference in the US election of 2016 after the US pissed away $5 billion interfering in Ukrainian elections is nothing short of remarkable but not quite as remarkable as Donald Trump demonstrating the total and absolute control that Benjamin Netanyahu has over the US political system by his suggestion that Israel be allowed to permanently take control of the Golan Heights.I’ve written before how Sheldon Adelson essentially bought Donald Trump for a $35 million contribution to his political campaign in the 2016 election.The Zionist stranglehold on the American political system is so complete that the very first bill considered by Congress in the latest session would forbid Americans to boycott Israel. All this information is on the web.The elite have lost control of the narrative and alternative points of view are available for anyone willing to do a little research.Bill Pincus, President of Miramont Resources told me they began drilling in Southern Peru on the 22nd of January. The company planned nine drill holes in three major targets. It would take 3-4 weeks to get assays back. Three holes would be released at a time, representing each of the three targets.There was a chance assays for the first three holes would be back and released by PDAC. I have kept in close contact with Bill Pincus and been told for two months that those assays for the first three holes were not back.He lied.Yesterday, March 28th Miramont announced the results from six holes, not three as I have been told all along. And if you look closely you will find no assay results from the first three holes. But those should have been back and released a month ago. How did the company go from announcing three holes at a time to announcing that six holes had been assayed but only giving numbers for holes four, five and six.Easy. The assays from holes one, two and three were total duds and almost certainly were back a month ago. Bill Pincus knew that and failed to not only release the poor holes, he didn’t mention a word to Quinton Hennigh or the Board until this last weekend. And you have to look very closely at the press release to realize that while it talks about six assays, it only shows bits and bats from three holes.Pre-Internet days it was common for management of junior mining companies to get poor results and to sit on them in the hopes that later drill results would bail them out. I highly suggest that anyone working with me not pull that trick because it takes the decision to buy or sell shares out of the hands of investors where it belongs and allows corrupt management to essentially lie to investors.Drilling tells you two things. It tells you where the mineralization is and where it is not. It is just as important to know where there isn’t any ore as it is to know where there is ore.Putting out piss poor results is part and parcel of exploration. But it allows investors to reconsider if they really want to own the shares. If Miramont shareholders knew a month ago that the first three holes were barren they had the choice of selling their shares or buying more or just sitting.Since it is their money, it should have been their decision. By hiding the results of the first three holes Bill Pincus cost investors both money and the right to determine what to do with their shares.In simple terms, it was lying. I devoted an entire chapter in my latest book talking about dealing with liars. I have lost the most money investing in companies where management wouldn’t tell the truth. I had a major investment in Miramont and like 100% of other Miramont shareholders; I lost 66% of the value of my shares yesterday.Lying to me is a really bad idea.I sold a lot of the shares of Miramont I had bought in PPs and in the open market yesterday. I want to see major changes in how Miramont announces drill results. A change in management would help.Do your own due diligence.Miramont ResourcesMONT-C $.16 (Mar 28, 2019)MRRMF-OTCBB 54.8 million sharesMiramont Resources website###Bob MoriartyPresident: 321goldArchives321gold Ltd