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Jericho Energy Ventures Announces UnitBirwelco as Manufacturing Partner for Hydrogen Boiler

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Cy Wilkinson, CEO of UnitBirwelco, stated, “After establishing a long-term strategy for sustainability and achieving carbon negative status, UnitBirwelco Limited are pleased to partner with Jericho Energy Ventures to provide the engineering support, procurement, manufacturing, and fabrication related to its cleanH2steam DCCTM boiler. UnitBirwelco’s experience in boilers, heat exchangers and thermal equipment fits perfectly with this project and this venture is the first step in our global collaboration. The innovative desire of Jericho in their acquisition of HTI shows leadership in the clean energy sector – we’re excited to be part of what we expect will be a long-lasting alliance.”

HTI’s go-to-market strategy aims at decarbonizing the nearly $30bn Commercial & Industrial heating sectors and bringing on a manufacturing partner is the first step in successfully scaling up the business to meet the ever growing demand for our hydrogen-based boiler solution.

About Jericho Energy Ventures

Jericho Energy Ventures ( is focused on advancing the low-carbon energy transition with investments in hydrogen technologies, energy storage, carbon capture and new energy systems.


Adam Rabiner
Director of IR
Jericho Energy Ventures

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