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Group Eleven Identifies Anomalous Palladium, Nickel and Cobalt at Ballinalack Zinc Project, Ireland

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Group Eleven Resources



  • G11-1344-03 intersected 1.95 meters of 0.403 g/t 4E (platinum, palladium, rhodium and gold) and 0.24% copper, including 0.95 metres of 0.561 g/t 4E, 0.33% copper and 0.11% nickel;
  • From the above, a grab-sample isolating sulphide-rich core (over 14 cm) returned 0.872 g/t 4E0.56% copper and 0.25% nickel;
  • Another grab-sample of sulphide-rich core (over 5 cm) returned 1.08% nickel, 0.32% copper, 1105 ppm cobalt and 0.139 g/t 4E;
  • G11-1344-04 intersected 0.60 metres of 0.33% nickel, 0.23% copper, 474 ppm cobalt and 0.214 g/t 4E;
  • Re-sampling historic hole TC-1344-039 returned 2.30 metres of 0.216 g/t 4E, 0.19% copper, 0.18% nickel, 203 ppm cobalt, including 0.30 metres of 0.528 g/t 4E, 0.43% nickel, 0.37% copper and 494 ppm cobalt;
  • Above three holes pierce the dyke over a strike-length of over 400 metres near the Ballinalack zinc deposit1; dyke appears to extend over at least 3 km by 7 km, based on drilling and seismic data;
  • Group Eleven suspects the above intercepts may represent ‘rip-up’ clasts from a larger sulphide body, which may be a key exploration target in the future;

“The above results were unexpected and a bit out of left field, given our exploration efforts were fully geared towards zinc,” stated Bart Jaworski, CEO. “Despite being a surprise, these anomalous PGM results certainly add to the Ballinalack story. We intend to do more work on PGMs in the future as we remain focussed on exploring for zinc and expanding the existing Ballinalack zinc deposit1.”

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