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Bob Moriarty – War, Gold, Sanity, Buying Opportunities

Joining us for a conversation is the legendary Bob Moriarty of 321gold and 321energy. In this interview will cover the following topics: We begin our discussion by pointing out that the Dow, Bitcoin, and Gold are having all-time high’s at the same-time. We then dig deeper into what is causing the gold price to surge. Are Central Banks propping up Bitcoin as a distraction to high gold price? Are we on the brink of World War III? Is the conflict in Israel and Hamas going to extend beyond the boarders of Israel and bring in the United States and Iran? Is China going to release a financial stimulus package? Are Russia and China behind the recent spike in the gold price? What happened on March 11th in the United States that know one is talking about? What precious metals is Bob buying right now? Are Uranium and Zinc overbought? Why Resource Stocks finally out of capitulation? What companies is Bob buying right now! What is going on with the Platinum to Palladium ratio? And that is the just the first half of this fantastic interview!

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