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New Orleans Investment Conference, Proven and Probable
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With high inflation, teetering markets and critical decisions looming for the Fed, this year’s New Orleans Conference will be the most important in decades.

That’s why we’re expecting a sell-out…and why you’ll need to secure your place now.

Dear Friend,

As a serious investor, you’re well aware of the unique challenges presented by today’s markets.

• Central banks – led by the Federal Reserve – intent to fight off rising inflation with rate hikes no matter what the economic fallout…

• The markets responding with roller-coaster volatility — massive sell-offs followed by floods of buying — and gold just beginning a rebound…

• Inflation remaining at 1970s levels — and the U.S. economy hurtling into a deepening recession…

• …While the Fed itself is running head-long into towering debt-service costs — an insurmountable obstacle blocking their rate-hike campaign.

With all of this and more going on, many investors are caught like deer in the headlights, unsure of which way to turn.

But a few others are quietly confident, taking comfort in one unassailable fact:


The New Orleans Conference is back in full force.

And this is why I’m writing you now: This year’s New Orleans Investment Conference may be the most eagerly awaited event in our 48-year history…

…But your opportunity to attend may soon disappear.

There are a number of reasons for the excitement over this year’s conference, and why time is running short.

First, we’ll finally be “back” after a three-year absence due to the Covid pandemic.

Yes, we hosted our first in-person event last year, but many of our exhibiting companies and friends from around the world weren’t able to travel and join us. Still, it was an extraordinary gathering, seeping with intellectual energy from our attendees and value from our elite speakers.

Now that everyone will be able to join us, we’re going to absolutely blow the doors off with this year’s New Orleans Conference.

Our phones have been ringing and our email inboxes bursting with inquiries from across the globe.

This event is not to be missed!

Second, the fundamentals and technical are lined up perfectly for the precious metals, commodity and mining stock opportunities that the New Orleans Conference is renowned for offering.

• Inflation has surged to 1970s levels…real rates are more negative than at any time since the 1940s.

• The Fed is dead-set on the most aggressive monetary tightening in decades — with enormous repercussions now being felt in every investment sector.

• But with an enormous federal debt today — over four times its level in 2008 — the Fed is absolutely powerless to fight inflation.

• The next big development: When the Fed is forced to retreat from its rate hikes…

• Because when the Fed wavers, specific investment sectors are going to explode higher.

What does it all mean?

It means you’re now facing tremendous risks and opportunities…and you have to be prepared for what’s coming.

Third, we’ve already lined up an extraordinary roster of speakers…drawing heavily on the wildly popular experts from last year…with many more still to come.

Consider who’s told us they’re coming to talk to you so far:

James Grant…Jim Rickards…George Gammon…Danielle DiMartino Booth…Rick Rule…Brent Johnson…Tavi Costa…Peter Boockvar…Jim Iuorio…Dave Collum…Lawrence Lepard…Doug Casey…Jon Najarian & Marc LoPresti…James Stack…Dominic Frisby…Adam Taggart…Bob Prechter…Adrian Day…Mark Skousen…Mary Anne & Pam Aden…Steven Hochberg…The Real Estate Guys…Brent Cook…Thom Calandra…Chris Powell…Dana Samuelson…Gary Alexander…Albert Lu…Mike Larson…Nick Hodge…Lobo Tiggre…Omar Ayales…Jeff Clark…Bill Murphy…Sean Brodrick…Mickey Fulp…Byron King…Rich Checkan…

…and, of course, yours truly.

Again, there’s much more to come — we’re still in the midst of planning this year’s event, and I’ve got some big surprises in store.

But even at this early date, one thing seems certain…

New Orleans 2002
Is Going To Be A Blockbuster!

I strongly urge you to secure your place for New Orleans 2022.

You see, I don’t think I remember an investment event as eagerly awaited as this one.

Everything — the years spent mired in the pandemic…the macro-economic set-up…the geopolitical uncertainty…the teetering stock markets…soaring inflation…a looming generational commodities bull market…and the Fed’s upcoming retreat on monetary tightening — make New Orleans 2022 a must-attend event.

But here’s the urgency: Our hotel room block is set to expire soon, and the only way to ensure you’ll get in is to register immediately.

By registering now, you’ll not only guarantee your place, but you’ll also save up to $400 from the full registration fee.

So just click on the link below to learn more…and join us in New Orleans!

All the best,

Brien Lundin

Publisher, Gold Newsletter
CEO, the New Orleans Investment Conference

New Orleans Investment Conference, Proven and Probable

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New Orleans 2022
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