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Rick Rule – Eat the Rich, Prepare to Starve

The following was conducted during the 2022 – Capitalism and Morality, hosted by Jayant Bhandari.

Legendary investor, philosopher Rick Rule speaks at the world famous ‘Capitalism and Morality’. Mr. Rule will be presenting moral and philosophical thoughts in his presentation regarding the attack on the rich. Absolute must watch!

More about Jayant Bhandari and ‘Capitalism and Morality’:

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Exclusive Interviews

India, Modi’s Police State

Gran Colombia Warrants

Dr. Amy Wax recently appeared on Tucker Carson’s show, in which she called India a shithole. In the following talk with RBM, I disagree. India is a rotting, bubbling shithole that is rapidly falling apart under the rule of a thoroughly incompetent, crooked, and venal bunch of politicians and bureaucrats, who are backed by tribal, superstitious masses:

These days, on a daily basis people get arrested in India for posting anything negative about Modi, the PM of India. A friend, a freedom-fighter, and the National Vice President of Swatantra Bharat Party, the only libertarian party in India, Sanjay Garg, has been arrested without bail by the Indian government apparently for his social media posts. He has been deemed to be such a terrorist that the police report has not been made public.

On Investments

GCM Mining Warrant (GCM.WT.B; C$1.83) has fallen significantly over the last few weeks, perhaps because of the fear to do with the likelihood that the next president of Colombia might be a leftist. While this might happen, my view is that the market valuation of the company is sufficiently underpinned by its project in Guyana and the stock investments it has. Its investments with a marked-to-the-market value on 31st March 2022 of C$160 million have gone up by about 15%, something the market has perhaps forgotten to take note of. The Colombian project continues to make a good profit, which enables a 4.5% dividend yield.

Jayant Bhandari

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JAYANT BHANDARI / The New America, Philosophy, Resource Stocks, & Precious Metals

Transcript Pending

Joining us for a conversation is Jayant Bhandari, the founder of ‘Capitalism and Morality‘, as we will discuss a number of topics in this action-packed interview:
:26 – Introduction
3:45- Who is to blame for the Racial and Class Warfare in America
6:52 – What lessons we can learn from the relationship between the Media & President Trump
8:11 – Looking back on the successes of the Trump Administration
10:37 – How will American change under a President Biden
13:42 – Constrained versus Unconstrained Visions for the United States (Reparations)
16:48 – Wealth Confiscation
18:28 – Is the Green Deal a Buy or Sell
20:42- Why are precious metals paramount at times like today
22:07 – Which metals are Jayant buying right now gold, silver, platinum, palladium, or rhodium
25:34 – Which Resources Stocks is Jayant buying right now
31:26 – Are there any Arbitrage Opportunities right now
31:55 – Capitalism and Morality
33:29 – What Keep you up at night that we don’t know about
35:00 – What did I forget to ask
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Featuring: Rick Rule, Doug Casey, Brien Leni, Albert Lu, Frank Raymond, Lilija Valis, Daniel Lu, Jayant Bhandari
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