Putin’s New Gold Standard and False Flag Operations by US

Bob Moriarty
Apr 7, 2022

You would tend to think that after as many false flag operations as the US has behind them, they would start getting better at it. But no, they are just as bad at it as they have ever been.

The whole Ukraine fiasco was created out of whole cloth by the US and the Neocons on behalf of Soros, the Davos gang, Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab. The Rand corporation planned it three years ago.

Zelensky has been playing sock puppet for Nato for years. He’s good at it; he is after all an actor. And while the Russians have been kicking the shit out of the Ukrainians, Zelensky doesn’t care how many of his countrymen die. The latest false flag is the massacre of civilians in Bucha. Zelensky thinks the world is so stupid that they will take his word for the war crimes without investigation. Alas, the murders took place after the Russians left and after the Nazis moved back in. Clearly the world needs to investigate the activities of the Nazis who have been committing war crimes going all the way back to the US sponsored coup in 2014.

In 2014 someone encouraged snipers to go to the top of tall buildings and shoot anyone they wanted, both protestors and police. But if you think about it, the protestors wouldn’t shoot protestors. Likewise the police wouldn’t shoot the police. But Victoria Nuland wanted international attention to the terrible nature of the legally elected government of the country so she told her Nazi friends to shoot at both sides.

She understood that the international community wouldn’t get into an uproar unless something terrible happened. She told the Nazis that the world would pay attention only when a hundred or more of the people in the square were killed. So the Nazis killed exactly one hundred and we got our regime change. Thanks Victoria, the world owes you for your contribution. I do hope you live long enough to make it to the war crimes trials to be held after your tiny little WW III ends.

Putin put Russia and the world back on a gold standard on March 28th. Russia understands it. Clearly they planned it. But the world is still clueless. The EU has a simple choice. They can remain a lap dog for an out of control US or they can wake up and smell the roses.

When I say out of control, Biden vetoed the Keystone Pipeline and is refusing to allow new drilling on Federal ground. At the same time he has approached both Venezuela and Iran and begged them for fuel. And no doubt the actions of Putin in trying to defend Russian borders has him utterly confused, after all two million illegal immigrants have entered the US in the last year.

In 2009 Quinton Hennigh and I went to Tanzania to visit a gold project I had there. We chatted about a lot of things including how a gold standard should be administered. Quinton came up with a set of coins in both gold and silver that we felt should be the form of exchange.

I’m told that some $4.2 trillion a day is traded in the foreign exchange markets. If every country went to a gold standard based on grams rather than Dollars or Rubles or Pounds billions of dollars in fees could be saved.

China obviously is part of Russia’s new gold standard. It is taking the rest of the world longer to wake up. Germany canceled the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in a fit of pique to teach Russia a lesson. Evidentially they are going to punish Russia by shutting down the German economy. Just a couple of days ago the EU announced a ban on Potash from either Russia or Belarus. If Germany can be brave enough to be willing to shut down their economy in support of the most corrupt country in Europe, in an act of solidarity the EU is willing to let their members starve.

I do hope aliens do not exist. In spite of a lot of evidence that suggests they do exist, I just want to hope they don’t. Looking at the “leaders” of this world would convince any half smart alien that this world is an insane asylum.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

321gold Ltd