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Novo Discovers New Terrace Gold at Egina; Receives Positive Initial Sorting Test Results

Press Release

Novo Resources


“Recent exploration and mechanical sorting success at Egina have capped a very good year for this exciting gold project,” commented Quinton Hennigh, President and Chairman of Novo Resources Corp. “We recently commenced broad scale exploration activities with the aim of identifying at least five new areas of highly prospective gold-bearing gravels. Our first two targets, South Egina and Paradise, have yielded early, but very promising indications of appreciable gold in terrace gravels. With recent heritage surveys now complete, we are in an excellent position to test yet further targets over the next few months. On top of these critical advancements in exploration, our initial results from mechanical sorting tests of Egina gravels show excellent promise for high recovery of gold into very small mass concentrates. Given most Egina gold appears to be of size that can be sorted, such processing will likely prove the critical advancement that unlocks this vast gold project.”

Investor Relations:

Leo Karabelas, VP of Corporate Communications
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