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KEVIN DOUGAN | Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Knocking on Heavens Gate

We as humans, I am sure want to believe this is not all there is to life. Many assume that when the body dies the spirit goes somewhere. The general belief is you are going up or down. To paradise or a place that would be eternal torture… kind of like having to hang out with the Kardashian family for eternity. Where will this discussion lead ??? …  climb aboard and see where this takes us but first we are going to a place I named … Heaven’s Gate.
I am a shareholder and big fan of Newrange Gold. I have toured the Pamlico Property twice and most importantly have spent quality time with the crew and have grown to admire and most importantly trust them implicitly with my investment dollars. I have gotten to know the key members of the crew while in the field and primarily at the BBQ pit. My goal is to share my valid opinion and beliefs and share that with my readers and give you a feel for the crew of NRG and why I believe this company has so much upside potential.
I met Nate Tewalt, the GEO of the property at the entrance of the Pamlico property by a gated fence. I jokingly called it Heaven’s Gate”… as that is what all investors hope they are entering, when they put their hard-earned dollars into this casino… known as Jr. Miners. Nate laughed when I called it Heavens’ Gateand he said it jarred a fond long tucked away memory from his youth.
Nate Tewalt, was living near the town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in 1980, he was a fun-loving typical teen enjoying the summer break. Out of the blue he was approached by a casting crew to appear as an extra in a local movie. He was assigned the part of an elegant gentleman. His role consisted of dancing and romancing young starlets as an extra. Little did he know at the time but he was part of the biggest box-office bomb ever, the infamous film called Heaven’s Gate.
The Oscar winning director, Michael Cimino was fresh off his blockbuster Academy Award winning film, The Deer Hunter. He was deemed a genius and was given carte blanche to create another cinematic wonder. To say he dropped the ball is a colossal understatement. This waste of precious film and acting talent, has been dubbed the worst movie ever made. Cost overruns were astronomic and thousands of reshoots were all for naught. The film cost over $40 million and took in a paltry $3.5. This debacle caused the collapse of United Artist Studio and destroyed many a thespians dream.
Nate Tewalt’s best acting was mostly left on the cutting room floor. (Third from the right on the roller skates ?)
While it was a fun summer fling, Nate realized he was going to say goodbye to fleeting Hollywood dreams and proceed with his true passion … a career in geology and mining in which he would thrive. Tinseltown’s loss was Newrange Gold’s gain.
Graduating from Colorado State with a degree in Geology, Nate has gone on to prosper and be a founder or consultant of no less than 10 successful projects and mining companies in his 30 plus year career. Meridian Gold, Great Basin Gold and Standard Uranium among them. He has been a part of discovering three working mines. That my friend is a sure sign of his success so far.  He is applying those skill sets to the Pamlico project outside Hawthorne, Nevada. Nate considers this his most challenging and possibly biggest discovery yet.
Nate is an old school geologist, hands on, boots on the ground… grime and sweat the norm of each day. He is not one to stay in an air-conditioned cushy office and peruse drawings and maps. He is out getting sunburned, wind-whipped and hammered by the Nevada heat and he would have it no other way. He insists on doing his own mapping and charting as he says he is way too picky and a stickler for accuracy and consistency in his analysis. He said many a project fails from sloppy record keeping and misinterpretation of the data. Nature puts the Gold where it is, the geologist must solve the puzzle as to where it is hidden. He feels data must be consistent and standardized to be of any use. There is no one better to do it than someone he trusts …yup one Nate Tewalt.
Along his career path Nate was fortunate to befriend a like-minded, kindred soul, Tom Chadwick who is considered to be the one of the best mappers in the country. The quality of his work is impeccable. Tom has visited and charted almost every major discovery in the West and he is especially familiar with the Nevada region. He along with Nate believes that Pamlico is very special and could be an absolute beast when it is all said and done. The problem (which is a good problem to have) is the land package is so massive it is hard to get one’s hands around it. It must be systematically and methodically interpreted before it is understood.
The great news it is in the capable hands, a stickler for perfection and details … none other than the Elegant Gentleman full of dirt and grime … Mr. Nate Tewalt.
In previous articles I have covered the attributes and experience of the CEO of Newrange, Bob Carrington. I have gone underground with him and witnessed his dogged determination and passion for trying to turn Pamlico into a mine. I could only wish I could somehow bottle this and allow shareholders to see how much blood, sweat & tears go into his pursuit for the Mother Lode. Bob and crew work grueling untold hours pursuing their dreams in sweltering heat and sometimes bitter cold. Most shareholders have no clue how dedicated this team is.
Another famous twist on Heaven’s Gate is none other than another all-time debacle and absolute tragedy. This would be none other than the warped vision of an absolute madman … Marshall Applewhite. This kook convinced 38 poor souls that if they followed him, he could take them to paradise by catching a ride on Haley’s Comet. While I won’t go into gory detail, the reason why it is so entrenched in my mind is that it occurred less than 10 miles from my home. These poor souls had their last meal at our favorite pancake house. Needless to say, that put the kibosh on that family dining treat My kids were horrified of the place never to be enjoyed again. Sad how one mans horrific actions can affect so many.
How does that relate to Newrange ???  Let me try to explain. As I stated earlier investing in Junior miners is in a way like going to a casino. There are many charlatans, carpet baggers and scoundrels that run these companies. There are many con artists trying to separate you from your money. Fortunately, the business is such is there are also some absolute solid well-run companies that work hard for their shareholders. Newrange Gold in my opinion is one of these diamonds in the rough. They have a potentially awesome property with highly skilled
leadership. These are honorable, hard-working men that are passionate to make a world class discovery. It does take time and much blood, sweat and tears along with fantastic mapping and clear interpretation of the data. Having three of the best in the business, Bob, Nate & Tom working one project is a rarity but a sure blessing for NRG shareholders. Patience is paramount and the only way to make money. Buy Right & Sit Tight !!!
The price recently took a big hit when drill results weren’t eye popping, which the market anticipated from the previous stellar drill results. They were also released during an absolutely dismal time for the price of Gold. Nate explained to me when we were at Pamlico, the drill results they were more focused to strategically understand the mineralization rather than try to improve existing grades. This is a marathon play not a sprint !!!  Any weakness in share price should be viewed as a gift. It’s not when you buy that matters but when you sell. Investing in Juniors is a crap shoot but the risk/reward ratio can be stunning when entering by way of the Right Gate !!! … the Pamlico Gate just outside Hawthorne, Neveda.
52 WEEK  .10 – .62
This is my opinion on a company that I have invested in. It is not to be construed to be investment advice. Due your own due diligence when making your own investment decisions. Kevin Dougan owns and runs a contract marketing company for Jr. Miners, Blue Sky Marketing
I have not been compensated for this article and it is my opinion alone based on sight visits and spending quality time getting to know management and 15 years of investing in this sector
October 31st, 2018|Gold Mining Companies