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JUNIOR MINING | Novo shareholders, do not vote your shares yet

Bob Moriarty

Nov 13, 2018
I am at the end of a four-day trip to see Novo Resources’ projects at Karratha and Egina. I am leaving for London in about 24 hours but won’t be home until Saturday night. As soon as I get home I will do a full report on what I have learned on this trip. As an interested shareholder or potential shareholder, you need to read what I have found out before voting or taking any action.
Novo has their Annual General Meeting on the 5th of December. They have sent out the voting Proxies and some shareholders have already started to vote. I highly encourage you to NOT VOTE until you read what I have to say.
A Toronto group is trying to take over the board with the intention of stripping off the assets into two other companies leaving Novo owners holding an empty shell. If you vote before you know all the facts you are cutting your own throat.
I know a lot of shareholders all the way to the top are angry at the decline in price from $8.80 to $1.97 and they would like to start seeing scalps hanging from their mantelpiece but Novo has made far more progress in a year than any company I have ever seen. You want to know about it and then make an intelligent vote.
Do not even think about letting the Toronto Mafia take over control of Novo just to carve it into small pieces. I was humping through the outback in 105.8-degree temperature yesterday to learn what the future for Novo was. I came within a couple of minutes of heat stroke just so I could see their progress. You want to know what I know and I will post it early next week.
Until then do not under any circumstances vote your Novo shares.
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