Gold Bullion

Investing in Gold Bullion

In times of economic uncertainty, securities, currencies, and other “fiat-based” investments become volatile and typically lose their value – which is why buying gold bullion has been demonstrated for millennia as an insurance against government currency debasement. Gold has 5 characteristics that make it a perfect option when you want to diversify and protect your portfolio:

  • In 2019, the Bank of International Settlements labeled gold as a Tier 1 Asset (Basel III)
  • Analog: It’s a physical commodity that cannot simply disappear digitally.
  • It’s a timeless currency that has been recognized globally as a valuable asset for centuries.
  • It’s an asset that cannot be devalued fully, unlike fiat currencies or stocks.
  • Gold is not an IOU, it is payment in full, thus making it the ultimate currency.

Bullion is a long-term, safe, non-speculative approach to safeguarding your wealth. Plus, you can spread risk across different asset classes. Proven and Probable is here to help you invest wisely in this attractive precious metal.

Gold Bullion as a Hedge

Owning gold is considered the ultimate insurance during turbulent economic times. It preserves purchasing power during market crashes. Gold has never gone to a value of zero; juxtapose, every fiat currency created has gone to a value of zero. In general, gold holds its value well compared to fiat currencies, which always lose purchasing power over time.

Gold can also be used to protect you against economic factors such as inflation, deflation, and interest rate spikes. Holding gold bullion – whether safely stored at home or through one of our secure offshore storage facility – gives you true control, ownership, and responsibility over your financial future.

Investing in Gold

Part of gold’s value comes from its unique characteristics which make it useful for industrial applications. Gold is durable with resistance to rust and corrosion, and malleable to fit various shapes. The metal is also highly conductive – capable of flowing electricity and heat. As a measure of beauty and stature, gold is found in jewelry and ornaments around the world. Much of its intrinsic value, however, comes from its use as currency when times are tough.

As an investment, gold is mostly affected by Central Bank and Sovereign Wealth Fund purchases, which is now greatly influenced as a buy, due to the results of Basel III. Factors that move investors to buy gold include war, political crises, inflationary environments, and global trade dilemmas – all which have a significant impact on your portfolio. Fortunately, Proven and Probable can help you make timely decisions during both good times and challenging ones.

Invest Wisely with Gold Bullion Expertise

Proven and Probable is your go-to resource for gold bullion and other precious metals. We help you buy gold bullion in three key ways:

  • We offer gold bullion for sale.
  • We provide secure offshore storage for your gold.
  • We provide industry-leading analyses, news, and insights to help you make well-informed gold buying decisions.

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