precious metal storage



Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage partnership with Brink’s Canada was created to provide a secure, fully segregated, precious metal storage program for clients wishing to store their precious metals out of the United States but still within reach.

Our Brink’s Canada Vault Services program is located in Montreal, Quebec and now also in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. This partnership includes insurance with Lloyds of London. An insurance policy is available upon request naming Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage and the address of the Brink’s Canadian vault in where the precious metals will be stored. Brink’s Canada has been around since 1927 as a leading International Vault and armored guard service company. Our partnership offers a complete segregated storage program for gold and silver bullion and coin by the world’s leader in secure vault storage.

Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage program uses the independent auditing services of Inspectorate America Corporation, a Bureau Veritas Group Company. Visit the Inspectorate website at for more information on their company. Once a year, clients will receive a “report of inspection” signed by Inspectorate’s U.S. audit manager from their Metals and Minerals Division.

Client’s shipments are labeled with account numbers. The shipments are stored, fully segregated, from other shipments. This ensures that the client will receive the same shipment back when requested.

For further insurance, two officers of Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage inspect and perform a minimum of 2 audits per year. Clients also have the ability to retain a “known auditing firm” at their own expense to perform an external private audit that coincides with Miles Franklin existing audit dates. This is another example of Miles Franklin’s exemplary customer service on behalf of its clients.

The creation of this storage program is due to the vast interest and the increasing demand we have received for international storage diversification. The Canadian storage advantages to U.S. citizens are primarily because of the proximity of Canada and the degree of fiscal stability the Canadian financial system currently offers. Plus the Brink’s facility provides world leading high-security vaults, constructed and equipped with the latest technology. The entire facility is protected 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

In addition to the physical and electronic security measures, client’s assets are protected through the use of an internal tracking systems. The tracking systems are designed to meet strict guidelines. Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage is provided with documentation from internal audits of monthly inventories, including inventories of a client’s sub accounts. External audits are performed by Miles Franklin throughout the year. Clients are provided with monthly reports of their personal inventory.

Call 855.505.1900  or email: to speak with a client services representative to answer any questions and to set up an account.