Episodes 3-5 — Royalty/Streaming & Developers | Rule Classroom Series

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Episodes 3, 4, and 5 of Rick’s Classroom Series are now available for viewing.

In this 10-part free video series, Rick and I focus on the fundamentals of successful investing and speculation, while addressing many of your most frequently asked questions.

In these three installments, Rick and I continue our discussion on the Majors before moving on to Royalty/Streaming companies and Developers.

We discuss:The origin of the Royalty/Streaming modelLarge vs small Royalty/Streaming companiesThe reason most resource investors should consider Royalty/Streaming companiesThree important documents to consider when evaluating a DeveloperThree important numbers to consider when evaluating a DeveloperConflicts of interest to watch out forThe cost of moving a development project forwardThe importance of specific expertise and when you might consider backing a less experienced team
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