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BOB MORIARTY | Irving Delivers, Market Yawns

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Investors are funny. You can go to the chat boards and read about Novo Resources that had an incredible run in 2017 and read about how unhappy investors are that the price of shares has gone down. It’s my entire fault or it’s Quinton’s fault or it’s Eric Sprott’s fault. It’s everyone’s fault except the investors who wanted to wait until Novo went up to buy.
Well, screw them and the horse they rode in on. I was writing about Novo when it was $.45 a share, not telling people to buy at $8. Maybe if investors actually want to make money they should buy my book and learn to buy cheap and sell dear. It works for me and I am certain it will work for them.

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Irving reported samples showing $23,400 rock in 2016 and investors ignored them. I’ve written the company up half a dozen times yet I was able to buy shares for $1 not long ago. And just the other day they reported more absurdly high-grade assays.
If you add up the gold assays from the 13 samples, you come to an average of over 46 grams of gold per ton. Irving is going to have the highest grade gold mine in the world and those samples represent exactly what they are going to find when they drill.
They are going to drill someday. A drill is on the way over but finding drilling assistants in Japan is a problem. Drilling might be in late November or be put off until spring but someday they will drill. When they do, I am going to hock the family jewels and buy more Irving shares. I own a lot now but not like I’m going to when they actually announce drilling.
Don’t bother whining to me about how you bought Irving shares after results came out and the price went down eventually. I don’t care. Whine to Quinton, I’m sure he gives a shit. Or better yet, whine to Eric Sprott, he loves holding the hands of investors who want to buy at the top and dump at the lows.
Irving is an advertiser. They are not as cheap as they were when I bought at $1.00 in August but they are a whole lot cheaper than they are going to be a day after they release the first drill results. I own shares. Do your own due diligence.
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