Gold $ 1781.40 12.90

Silver $ 25.95 0.15

Palladium $ 2776.10 5.60

Platinium $ 1203.10 -0.70

ARCADIA ECONOMICS Silver Mint Sales Increase While Central Banks Continue To Buy Gold

Gold and silver prices are up on the year. And with good reason.

The Federal Reserve continues to indicate that rate hikes will be on pause. While also suggesting that they may stop unwinding their massive quantitative easing balance sheet. Meanwhile central banks around the globe continue to buy gold.

Toss in that a former J.P. Morgan trader plead guilty to manipulating the market and the Department of Justice has now opened an investigation, and you can only wonder how much longer the suppression scheme can continue.

So to find out more, click to watch the video now!

Chris Marcus

Arcadia Economics
“Helping You Thrive While We Watch The Dollar Die”



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