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A Important Message from Rick Rule

Dear Friends, Clients, and Colleagues:
Thank you again.
Those receiving this note have occupied many roles in my working life – friends, colleagues, clients, partners, employees, shareholders, audiences, and many more.  You all have afforded me many material blessings, as well as a fulfilling career and a pleasant life.
For those of you who don’t already know, this communication amounts to a retirement announcement of sorts. Actually, I prefer to think of this as a “redirection announcement” rather than a retirement, which I doubt I would survive.
Many of you are aware that my wife Bonnie and I have recently completed the construction of what is literally our dream home.  She has supported my work life for decades and I’m eager to enjoy our new home, and her company, to a greater degree than my past life allowed. When this virus subsides, I look forward to taking trips with her that don’t involve a mine tour or a conference!
I’m relinquishing some of my roles at Sprott, in particular those that involve corporate administration or FINRA regulated transactions, and will no longer be a Sprott employee. However, I will continue my affiliation with Sprott in many important areas as outlined below.
First, I am Sprott Inc.’s largest shareholder and will continue to actively serve on the company’s Board of Directors.  I have no present intention of selling any Sprott shares.   
Second, for those of you who are Sprott clients or investors in Sprott products which I manage, you should see little change. I will continue as an active manager of the Exploration Capital Partners Partnerships, the historic lending partnerships, and the Rule SMA.  I am also one of the largest investors in each of those strategies.  There are several new investment products under consideration in which I have an active role as a manager and will make a large personal investment.  For those of you who have active accounts in our private wealth operations, know that I remain Sprott’s largest private client, and I will continue to assist and mentor the excellent group of private wealth advisors and other managers who assist Sprott clients on both sides of the 49th parallel and around the world.  I‘m always willing and eager to communicate with any and all of you as described below.
Third, the bulk of my family Trust’s publicly traded assets will remain at Sprott under the stewardship of my long-time private client partners, Jeff Howard and Mary Goddard. To the extent that I generate new investment ideas that are attractive to me, and Jeff and Mary, Sprott-branded funds will have priority access. I will also seek out and fund new, young investment managers and, where possible, encourage Sprott to make those managers’ offerings available to Sprott clients. I will retain one private client, my family trust.
Finally, the business currently known as Sprott US Media will be rebranded Rule Investment Media. This business operates the Vancouver Natural Resources Investment Symposium, the “Sprott’s Thoughts” publications, and the Sprott US Media YouTube channel. These channels will also be rebranded and you can expect them to become much more timely and active.
New contact information will be distributed to all of you shortly, and Sprott will continue to provide communication support over the next few months. 
In summary, I believe I may be of more use to many of you under the new arrangements than in the past.   Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me by email at your convenience.
Thank you for your business and trust. I look forward to keeping in touch.
Rick Rule
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