Truth, Lies and Inflation

Miles Franklin sponsored this article by Gary Christenson. The opinions are his.
Christopher Whalen wrote “Trump is Right to Blow Up the Fed.” He stated:
“Anybody who cares to read the 1978 Humphrey Hawkins law will know that the Fed is directed by Congress to seek full employment and then zero inflation. Not 2 percent, but zero. Yet going back a decade or more, the Fed, led by luminaries such as Janet Yellen and Ben Bernanke, has advanced a policy of actively embracing inflation.”
From the Federal Reserve’s web site:
“The Congress established the statutory objectives for monetary policy—maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates—in the Federal Reserve Act.”


  • Prices during ZERO inflation never double.
  • Prices during 2% inflation double in 35 years.
  • A new truck fifty years ago cost $2,500, and today it costs $50,000. This is a compound rate of inflation of 6.2% per year. Yes, the truck is better, but that doesn’t reduce the dollars you must pay.
  • Motel Six rented no-frills rooms for $6 fifty years ago. Today they cost $50.00 plus higher taxes. The rate of inflation is 4.3%.
  • A postage stamp fifty years ago cost $0.06. Today that stamp costs $0.55. The rate of inflation is 4.5%.
  • Cigarettes in 1913 cost $0.10 per pack. Today the cost is $6.00 to $10.00, depending upon the tax load. The rate of inflation is about 4.4%.
  • Gold in 1913 sold for $20.67 per ounce. Today gold sells for about $1,300. That rate of inflation is 4.0% per year for 105 years.
  • A house in 1913 cost… you see the pattern. Except for televisions and computers, almost everything costs more than 10 years ago, considerably more than 20 years ago, far more than fifty years ago, and outrageously more than in 1913.

So What?
1) Prices were stable for the one hundred years before the Federal Reserve’s “takeover” of the money supply in the U.S. The rising prices problem occurs because of Fed policies, not time.
2) The above are examples of price inflation. You can add 999 more from your personal experience. The official numbers from the government are… well… untrustworthy.
3) Prices rise more rapidly than the Humphrey Hawkins law (zero percent) specifies.
4) Prices rise more rapidly than the 2% inflation target that the Fed endorses. [Why 2% instead of 3.96% or 0.22%?]
5) Congress could vote to audit the Fed. It does not.
6) Congress could demand the Fed follow law. It does not.
7) Congress could dissolve the Fed and return to a modified gold standard. This would encourage government accountability, stable prices, and decrease Wall Street’s influence over our lives and economy. For obvious reasons, it does not.
The Fed (and other central banks) engaged in massive Quantitative Easing—bond monetization or “printing currencies” for the past decade. Other central banks created currencies and bought bonds, stocks, ETFs, gold and politicians with their created “from thin air” currency units. QE works well for the financial and political elite, but not for “Main street” USA, the French “Yellow Vests” or most of the bottom 90%.
The Fed is necessary to manage the economy.
[The banking cartel owns the Fed to ensure the cartel’s profitability, influence and control over politicians.]
The Fed must remain independent.
[“Independent” is code for not controlled by Congress or the law. The Fed ensures transfer of wealth to the political and financial elite.]
The Fed should not be audited.
[What secrets would an audit discover?]
The Fed will create economic stimulus as needed.
[Yes, but what is the cost to the economy, pension plans, savers, and investors?]
Federal Reserve Notes (dollar bills) are “good” because they are debts issued by the Fed and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States.
[Debts of a corrupt central bank backed by the credit of an insolvent government are valuable only if we maintain confidence in both. But many of the stories about the Fed, dollars, unpayable debt and inflation statistics are lies… which will destroy confidence in both.]
In 1967 the Jefferson Airplane sang:
“When the truth is found to be lies,
All the joy within you dies.”
In 2019, regarding the dollar (and other debt-based fiat currencies), their lyrics could be:
“When the truth is found to be lies,
Confidence in currency dies.”

  • Per government statistics, there is very low inflation…
  • Per Humphrey Hawkins, zero inflation is mandated…
  • Per Federal Reserve policy, 2% inflation is good…
  • Per President Johnson as he removed silver from coins in 1965…

“There will be no profit in holding them [silver coins] out of circulation for the value of their silver content.”

  • Per President Nixon as he closed the “gold window” in 1971…

“… your dollar will be worth just as much tomorrow as it is today. The effect of this action, in other words, will be to stabilize the dollar.”


“When the truth is found to be lies,
Confidence in currency dies.”


When President Johnson lied about silver coins, $100 bought 77 ounces of silver. Today it buys about 7 ounces. In 2025 that $100 might purchase less than one ounce of silver.
When President Nixon lied about gold in 1971, $1,000 purchased 24 ounces of gold. Today $1,000 purchases about 0.75 ounce of gold. In 2025 that $1,000 might purchase less than one-tenth ounce of gold.
The Fed’s 2% inflation policy is nonsense. Their narrative pretends the Fed has a plan, stimulus is necessary, Federal Reserve Notes are a better currency than gold, and 999 other lies. They tell lies because the economic situation is SERIOUS.
As Jean-Claude Juncker (prominent EU Politician) noted,

“When it becomes serious you have to lie.”

How Do We Protect Our Assets and Retirement Income from Currency Collapse and Economic Lies?

  • Act upon the truth, not the lies propagated because the economic situation is SERIOUS.
  • Act like a central bank and buy gold and silver. Russia and China understood the lies long ago. That’s why they buy western gold every year and export no domestically mined gold.
  • Governments have devalued currencies for 2,000 years. With $250 trillion in global debt that can never be paid, expect devaluation and inflation. That means higher prices are coming for food, energy, medical care, trucks, postage, cigarettes and hundreds of other items.
  • Silver is inexpensive in 2019 compared to the S&P 500, national debt, and gold. Silver peaked eight years ago. Buy silver and wait. Another higher peak is coming… unless you trust central banks, politicians, governments and fiat currencies to act honestly and be trustworthy.

Miles Franklin sells silver and gold. Call 1-800-822-8080 and buy metals for insurance against the lies and devaluation necessary to support an unbacked fiat currency.

… or you can trust the political and financial elite to take care of your needs while they enrich themselves.

They might care about you, you might win the Powerball lottery, and extra-terrestrials might pay off our national debt with proceeds from asteroid mining…
Trusting the Fed less, and expecting a silver rally…
Gary Christenson
The Deviant Investor

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