Rhodium Investing

Rhodium Investing

Recorded July 2017 at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium, in our interview with Small Cap Power, listen to our call on Rhodium. Scroll to the 4:05 Mark. 1 oz. of Rhodium at the time was trading between $870 – $950, since then price for 1 oz. Rhodium has reached the price of $28,000! That’s correct $28,000!!!

Rhodium is an extremely rare precious metal – even more rare than its more popular counterparts, platinum and palladium. Rhodium is corrosion-resistant, contributing to its popularity as a component of automobile catalytic converters, which comprises the majority of its demand and is also used in jewelry and glass making fabrication. In fact, somewhere between 80%-90% of annual rhodium production goes towards the production of catalytic convertors.

Investing in Rhodium
There are no pure rhodium mines in existence. This is because rhodium is an alloy produced entirely as a byproduct of platinum, palladium, and nickel mining. Rhodium production therefore does not necessarily respond to changes in industrial demand. Consequently, prices rise and fall drastically when the supply of rhodium is short.

Industrial demand and the metal’s rarity make rhodium a potentially rewarding investment, but rhodium investing can be challenging. It may be difficult to determine when supply will rise or fall, leading to sharp price changes. This is where Proven and Probable can help. Our insights help take the uncertainty out of your investment decision.

Rhodium Investing Expertise Proven and Probable, is here to help make sense of investing in rhodium 1) junior mining companies that have exposure to rhodium and 2) as a client you may buy or sell 1 oz. rhodium bars. Our expertise is acknowledged worldwide by industry professionals and speculators alike. We provide the latest insights based on exclusive interviews with leaders in platinum, and nickel mining operations, industry research, and connections with experience, successful metal experts who choose to share their wisdom and research.