Guiding your Mining and Mineral Investments

Proven & Probable provides insight into a wide range of resource stocks, helping investors to gather value through a deep knowledge of the mining and mineral exploration sectors.

Investment Insight in Junior Miners and Gold Stocks

At Proven & Probable we have expertise in junior miners, in particular gold stocks, as well as rhodium, platinum, palladium, silver, uranium, copper, nickel, zinc, graphite in Canada.

Our insight is based on many years of studying the industry — not from afar, but by visiting mines and exploration projects around the world and speaking at mining conferences. We have contacts with dozens of leading mining and exploration companies and regularly interview their CEOs and geologists to anticipate the potential catalysts that may cause mining stocks to rise.

We have earned the trust of the most respected names in the industry — on the financial side as well as the geological — and we use that to bring you the best insights into mining company stocks, their proven reserves, and their probable movements.