(VIDEO) Riverside Resources: Cecilia Samples at 113 grams of Gold and 310 Grams Silver

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Dr. John-Mark Staude of Riverside Resources, sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss the amazing sample results just confirmed at the Cecilia Project. Dr. Staude also provides a geological model with similar attributes to that of the high grade gold/silver Pitarilla. In addition, current and prospective shareholders will receive updates on the Glor and Thor projects. Riverside has maintained a tight share structure of only 44 million shares and 6 million in the Treasury with zero debt!




Maurice: Welcome to Proven and Probable where we focus on metals, mining, and more. I’m your host, Maurice Jackson.

Joining us today is the President, CEO and Director of Riverside Resources, Dr. John-Mark Staude. Riverside Resources trades on the TSX:V symbol RRI and on the OTC symbol RVSDF.

Before we begin, allow me to convey to our listeners that Riverside Resources is a sponsor of Proven and Probable and that we are proud shareholders of Riverside Resources for the virtues we will convey in today’s message.

John-Mark, thank you for joining us today.

John-Mark: It’s great to be on the show.

Maurice: John-Mark, you have breaking news coming from the Cecilia Project located in Sonora, Mexico that current and perspective shareholders want to hear about. Give us the details.

John-Mark: Oh, we’re so excited. First off is high-grade gold. We love to verify historic work. We gave the guidance that we were going to the field to follow up in the historic work. Today’s news is quite positive.

In fact, I even brought a rock here to show us. The rocks, gold-rich, over a 100 grams of gold, high-grade silver, silver and branches. That’s really cool. These branches here having silver of over, 300 grams. Rich deposits, rich mineralization, in-out crop, in historic trenching, follow-up. We’re on track.

Maurice: And I also understand that we have some permitting for drilling. Is that correct?

John-Mark: Exactly. So the three steps we do. First is, we get the asset. Secondly, we get out in the field and make sure we have good access, everything going well.

Now, we go to the next stage which is getting all the permits to do surface work. The surface work starts off with trenching and then with drilling.

Riverside permits are projects so that we ourselves can do the work or they’re all set up. Packaged up, ready for partner to come in and drill. So Riverside is so excited to be on track, on budget, moving ahead with Cecilia. It’s a great day for us.

Maurice: Now, before we leave Cecilia, talk to us about the geological model.

John-Mark: Wow! Well, the geological model is so important. Riverside is lucky. Our Vice-President of Exploration is Ron Burk. And Ron Burk was part of a mega discovery in Mexico. The mega discovery is the Pitarrilla gold, silver, particularly high-grade rich silver dome complex with over 500 million ounces of silver at Pitarrilla. This dome complex is exactly the type of geology that we see at the project here, the Cecilia Project.

So forward-looking statement is an interpretation but if that’s the case, the sky is limit. We’re very excited to do it.

Maurice: Indeed. And Mr. Burk was a recent addition to Riverside Resources as well, correct?

John-Mark: We’re delighted to have him. Having a Vice-President who is formerly the Vice-President of major companies like Centerra Gold and he was at Silver Standard as the Vice-President. Joining Riverside really helps the shareholder to realize we have the capacity to bring in strong, experienced experts that partner with Riverside to go forward with the prospect-generator business model.

Ron is a great addition. He is in the field as we speak. He is out on the Rocks with the geos and we’ll have photos and video of him in the field. That’s the type of director, that’s the type of officer, that’s the type of corporation you want to be invested in.

Maurice: Exactly. Now John-Mark, before we leave today, I have one last question for you and that is, what did I forget to ask?

John-Mark: Well, it’s hard in such a short interview. I think one thing is, we have high cash. Riverside has over $6 million cash. We have a very tight share structure with only 44 million shares and we have other projects in other news.
Recently, we put out the news about the Thor projects where Riverside has a large porphyry copper deposit. Riverside has future news with Glor and other projects moving along with drilling with partners. So Riverside as a prospect-generator has multiple different streams of value creation. For the shareholder, having a tight share structure with amazing upside and the Cecilia and so many other projects coming along, it’s a really great bargain, a great deal Riverside.

Maurice: You know John-Mark, this is all welcoming news as this reinforces the virtues of exactly why Riverside Resources provides such a unique value proposition for current and perspective shareholders. And listeners should strongly consider deploying additional capital into Riverside Resources.

Now, John-Mark, if somebody listening today wants to get more information regarding Riverside Resources, please give us the contact details.

John-Mark: It’s really easy. You go to our website, RivRes.com or you can give us a call at 778-327-6671. We’d love to speak to you and give you more details about Riverside Resources.

Maurice: And last but not the least, please visit our website, www.ProvenandProbable.com. We interviewed the most respected names in the natural resource-based. You may reach us at Contact@ProvenandProbable.com.

Dr. John-Mark Staude of Riverside Resources, thank you for joining us today on Proven and Probable.

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