Axel Merk – Pay Attention, Something is Going On

Axel Merk of Merk Investments sits down with ‘Proven & Probable’ to discuss how Central Banks coerce markets expectations through interest rates vs the perception of the rates. Specifically, via transparency forward guidance as Central Banks manipulate the yield curve and rates, thus creating market expectations through word of mouth vs actually changing the rates. Additionally, Axel shares with investors his views on the latest FOMC meeting and the effects it will have on the Dollar and Puerto Rico. Investors will also hear Axel discuss the actions that the Central Banks of Brazil, Europe, China, and Japan are taking and what that means for investors. In addition, investors will also discover the prudence of owning gold to preserve their purchasing power during these tumultuous times. Finally, Axel shares his view on how the political landscape in U.S. will affect the markets. Investors won’t want to miss of moment of Axel Merk’s clear and concise macroeconomic expertise!




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